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Two Amazing MILL Vintage Videos

GetBenched has put up a video on YouTube from 1990 in which Major Indoor Lacrosse League (MILL) makes a pitch to potential sponsors. The MILL started up in 1987, and is the predecessor to the NLL we all currently know. There was another NLL back in the 70s, which eventually folded before the MILL came into existence.

Back in the day, the MILL was pretty big, and even the New York Times used to cover the sport. Thanks to Joe Vitale for that blast from the past link!

See below for the full description from the YouTube video above, and the go down even further for two more excellent MILL videos from GetBenched:

A little over a decade after the original National Lacrosse League folded in 1976, Kansas City based monster truck show promoters Chris Fritz and Russ Cline brought pro box lacrosse back to American arenas starting in 1987. Unlike the original NLL, this league was played in the winter and was promoted the same way Fritz and Cline promoted monster truck shows. (Not unlike how Vince McMahon was promoting wrestling at the same time.) Loud music, big hits and spandex shorts!!!

Eventually their single entity ownership model would give way to what is now the second incarnation of the NLL. (Retaining many former MILL teams like the Philadelphia Wings, Rochester Knighthawks and the Buffalo Bandits.)

This video was made as a pitch video for potential sponsors for the 1990 season outlining the league’s history, some cool action clips and their business plan and target demographics. Watch for a cool New England Blazers commercial as it’s a crash course on how Fritz and Cline brought lacrosse back to America.