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unc short-stick mismatch
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UNC Short-Stick Mismatch: #FilmBreakdown

As part of the UNC flurry to tie and eventually steal the NCAA Men’s Division I lacrosse win from Syracuse, we have a beautiful example of an offense taking advantage of a short stick defending an attackman. Watch as we breakdown the UNC short-stick mismatch on Syracuse.

UNC Short-Stick Mismatch

Here’s how the Tarheels exploited their short-stick mismatch

1. #5 Nicky Solomon is at X and covered by a short stick.
2. UNC has great spacing, giving Solomon room to dodge. Tyson Bomberry, the 1 slide, seeing the mismatch at X starts cheating down ready to help the short stick defender.
3. With Bomberry cheating to slide, #19 Brian Cameron is sitting open, #90 of Syracuse tries to slide but its too little too late as Cameron buries the ninth goal for UNC.