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Unsettled Situation – FOUR Episodes!

There is a good chance you’ve been disconnected for the Summer, and if that’s the case, you probably missed a couple episodes of Unsettled Situation. Maybe you don’t even know what it is at all? Well, now is your chance you get caught up!

Unsettled Situation is our travel show, where showcase amazing lacrosse tournaments and events from an insider’s perspective. We play, we watch, and we talk to some of the biggest names in the game to find out what each and every one of these trips is really all about.

We’ve covered some of the world’s biggest tournaments, like the Ales Hrebesky Memorial and the Vail Shootout. We’ve also covered the Final Four and the International Lacrosse Showdown weekend, and now we can add a smaller charity tournament to the list, in the CityLax Southampton Shootout, which supports public school lacrosse in New York City!

Check out all the episodes of Unsettled Situation below, then put together your own team, and head out into the world to play some lacrosse!

NEW – Episode 4 – CityLax Southampton Shootout

Unsettled Situation Archives

Vail, Colorado is amazing. Never been? You need to go. Seriously.

The Final Four is something special. Add on a bunch of international games and you get a weekend unlike any other!

To kick things off, we went to Prague for the one and only Ales Hrebesky Memorial. This event is the kind of thing you truly need to experience. It should be at the top of your lacrosse bucket list. No doubt about it there.

My sincere hope with any and all of these videos is that they inspire you to get off your couch, and out into the world. Lacrosse can be a great way to see new things, visit new places, and make new friends. The sport has brought me all over the world, and some of my best experiences have come through lacrosse. Trust me when I say it can be a life changing experience.