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Vail U19 girls and boys 2021
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Vail U19 Girls & Boys Championship Matchups Set

Although the fourth day of the Shootout consisted of significantly less teams and divisions than the previous two days, it was still a day full of excitement. Both the U19 Girls and Boys divisions determined which teams will duke it out in the championship games on Wednesday in Vail.

In the U19 Boys division, both semi-final games came down to the wire, with the final score coming within one point in both. The first semi-final was a heated competition between perennial contenders FCA and newcomers MadDog Lacrosse. FCA seemed to have a good hold on the lead throughout the game, but MadDog put their foot on the gas in the fourth quarter and were ultimately able to come away with the lead. The second semi-final was a battle of the west coast with defending 2019 champs Adrenaline Tropics against ADVNC SF. Both teams refused to quit throughout with an evenly matched back-and-forth, with ADVNC proving victorious in the last two minutes of the game.

A massive 24 teams in the Girls division means there are three different brackets, which will result in three different champions. In the Gold division, Hero’s Green will take on Team HLA, the defending champs, to see who will be crowned best of the best. In the Silver division, Team Tennessee will go against No-Excuse. Finally, the Bronze division will determine a champion between 5280 Girls Lacrosse and True Denver Black.

Vail Lacrosse U19 Girls & Boys Championship Matchups Set

Day 4 Photos

Vail U19 girls and boys 2021
Vail U19 girls and boys 2021
Vail U19 girls and boys 2021
Vail U19 girls and boys 2021
Vail U19 girls and boys 2021
Vail U19 girls and boys 2021
Vail U19 girls and boys 2021
Vail U19 girls and boys 2021
Vail U19 girls and boys 2021
Vail U19 girls and boys 2021

Results for Tuesday, June 29

U19 Boys
Adrenaline Tropics 7, ADVNC SF 8 
MadDog 12, FCA 11 
Wasatch LC 6, Barley’s Backyard 12 
Team 12 Red 7, Team CO 15 
Strungout Lacrosse 21, Rocky Mountain Highlanders 2 
Watermelon Sugar 5, Omnia 11

U19 Girls
Gold Bracket 
Hero’s 17, GA Outlaws Purple 4 
Redshirts 8, Puget Sound Select 7 
Wasatch LC 4, HLA 20 
Ryleigh’s Oysters 9, Team 4D 7 
Hero’s 13, Redshirts 4 
HLA 10, Ryleigh’s Oysters 7 
GA Outlaws Purple 7, Puget Sound Select 12 
Wasatch LC 4, Team 4D 11
Silver Bracket 
Team Tennessee 15, Summit Elite 5 
Houston Heat 7, Stars Light Blue 10 
GA Outlaws Gray 11, True CO Committed 4 
No-Excuse 17, Colorado Command 0 
Team Tennessee 9, Stars Light Blue 6 
GA Outlaws Gray 6, No-Excuse 12 
Summit Elite 8, Houston Heat 9 (OT) 
True CO Committed 0 (Forfeit), Colorado Command 1 
Bronze Bracket 
5280 Girls Lacrosse 9, True Denver Green 1 
Summit Select 8, Stars Navy 11 
Utah Liberty 7, True CO White 8 
True Denver Black 10, West Slope 3 
5280 Girls Lacrosse 12, Stars Navy 5 
True CO White 7, True Denver Black 10 
True Denver Green 3, Summit Select 14 
Utah Liberty 10, West Slope 11 OT

Schedule for Wednesday, June 30 (Day 5)

U19 High School Boys
Ford 1 East
9:00am       Adrenaline Tropics vs. FCA 
11:00am     ADVNC SF vs. MadDog (Championship) 
Ford 2 West 
7:30am       Wasatch Lacrosse Club vs. Team 12 Red 
9:00am       Barley’s Backyard vs. Team CO 
Vail Mountain School 
7:30am       Watermelon Sugar vs. Strungout Lacrosse 
9:00am       Omnia vs. Rocky Mountain Highlanders

U19 High School Girls
Edwards Turf 1 
8:00am       Redshirts vs. Ryleigh’s Oysters 
9:00am       Hero’s vs. HLA 
10:00am     Team Tennessee vs. No-Excuse  
Edwards Field 2 
8:00am       Houston Heat vs. Colorado Command 
9:00am       Stars Light Blue vs. GA Outlaws Gray 
10:00am     Stars Navy vs. True CO White 
Edwards Field 3
8:00am       Summit Elite vs. True CO Committed 
9:00am       True Denver Green vs. Utah Liberty 
10:00am     5280 Girls Lacrosse vs. True Denver Black 
Edwards Field 4
8:00am       GA Outlaws Purple vs. Wasatch LC 
9:00am       Summit Select vs. West Slope 
10:00am     Puget Sound Select vs. Team 4D

Vail Lacrosse Shootout Schedules

High School Boys & Girls (U19): June 27th – 30th 
Zenmasters (60 & Over): June 26th – June 28th 
Grandmasters (50 & over): June 26th – June 28th 
Supermasters (40 & over): June 26th – June 28th 
Elite Men & Women: July 1st– 4th 
Masters Men & Women (30 & over): July 1st – 3rd

In case you missed it, check out what happened over the weekend and on Monday, and stay tuned for continuing updates on the 49th Vail Lacrosse Shootout.