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Vandal Shots Week 1: A Photo Blog


Editor’s note: Beginning today, LAS is going to get a glimpse at the University of Idaho’s lacrosse season week-by-week. Idaho is an MCLA D1 team, competing in the Pacific Northwest Conference (PNCLL). Over the last few years, midfielder Krieg Shaw has played an important role in putting the Idaho Vandals on the map and we’re delighted to have him on board, sharing photos throughout his senior season.

Depending on which sport you’re talking about, the University of Idaho hasn’t been synonymous with very successful teams in the past several years. But lately, there has been some noise coming from our side of the Palouse. Vandal football is off to a strong 5-1 start, while we still play some of our hardest opponents, it is nice to know we are only one win away from being bowl eligible.

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As for lacrosse, our first fall ball tournament was pretty successful and we lost to a very talented group of Canuck’s from Calgary in the Championship game, 8-5 after leading 2-1 going into the half.

Eric Fletcher, he’s pretty good and he can power clean a full-size truck, that’s all you need to know.

John Kopke, he’s small but he packs quite the punch.
John Kopke, he’s small but he packs quite the punch.

The final fall ball test will come next weekend when we go down to Boise for the Gem State Tournament. Then comes prep time for the spring. We’ve compiled a pretty competitive spring break trip to San Diego, playing #21 San Diego State University, University of San Diego, and stopping in Reno along the way to play University of Nevada-Reno.

As for talent this year, we are returning probably the largest core of guys in this program’s short history, only to be complimented by a great group of freshman that impressed the heck out of many of us ole farts in Missoula.

2x 1st Team All-Conference D-Pole, Ben Lavigne.

But life on the Palouse is in its one week of fall right now… oh wait, nope, it’s already winter. 3 o’clock in the afternoon and it has already peaked at 43°. Looks like it’ll be a chilly practice tonight. I ordered the helmets this past weekend, looks like we’ll have about a 50/50 split of murdered out Pro7’s and Triumph’s. As soon as our shooter shirts come in, I will definitely get a picture up of those, they look sick.

Here’s a little bit of flavor from our Coach. He put together this sick Coat of Arms:


Who am I? Krieg Shaw, numero doce on the field. I’m a History and Spanish Education Major here at the U of I and unfortunately, am on my last year of eligibility. I like seining during the summer, tattoos, doing anything related to lacrosse and Red Stripe.


Next week: Gem State Pictures, snapshots of campus and maybe a cow with a window in its stomach.