Video: ESPNU’s Top Lacrosse Plays


ESPNU Top Lacrosse Plays

This morning ESPNU released it’s “Top Plays of the Early Season” highlight reel featuring some of most exciting moments of the 2012 NCAA Division 1 men’s lacrosse season so far.

If you are not a lacrosse fan, you will be after watching these. Plays of the season so far. Lots more to come on ESPNU.

A few of our favorites:

– :22 mark, White’s around the world goal against Hopkins

– :41 mark, Palmer’s one-handed sorcery

– 1:38 mark, Desko and that BTL

– 1:59 mark, The Briggs Slalom

– 2:28 mark, Steele Stanwick being Steele Stanwick.

Okay, who are we kidding? We loved them all!

Which play is your favorite?