VIDEO: Mercyhurst NE (NJCAA) Vs. Robert Morris (D1) Scrimmage


Mercyhurst North-East is a Junior College in Pennsylvania.  We’ve shown scrimmage action from them before against Thiel College (NCAA D3) and some other schools.  Now, thanks to James Malone, we have 2 more great videos for you to watch featuring Mercyhurst NE and Robert Morris, an NCAA Division 1 team out of Pittsburgh, PA.  Lots of lacrosse action in both of the videos.

NCAA College Lacrosse Feb. 12, 2011 RMU UNC

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Robert Morris is really the team to watch here (in white).  There are some players on MNE that can ball a little bit and will be seen on D1 and D2 rosters in the future, but RMU has quickly become one of the newest competitive teams in the NCAA Division 1 ranks.  While they are 0-1 so far, with a 14-11 loss to #3 UNC, their outlook is bright.  A big one against Hobart on Saturday is a game they should win, and a game they must win if they want to make a real dent in 2011.  We scour the internet for video, so that you don’t have to!  Sure, it may be mostly freshman playing for RMU, but they’re the future, right?

Part 1:

Mercyhurst North East College v Robert Morris (D1) – Lacrosse Part 1 from James Malone on Vimeo.

Part 2:

Mercyhurst North East College v Robert Morris (D1) – Lacrosse Part 2 from James Malone on Vimeo.


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