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Voices in the Crowd: Know The Game Podcast

Welcome to Season Two of the Know the Game Podcast. I try to keep it short, sweet and to the point, so our rewind back to catch up with the “Voices in the Crowd” from the last NCAA Lacrosse Championship will follow suit.

I’ve been sitting on these recordings to try and find a way to use them in the lead up to Memorial Day Weekend 2020. Once COVID-19 squashed the lacrosse season, I lost track of how I would release the clips. So, alas, this week we bring it back to Championship Weekend 2019 to celebrate the NCAA Lacrosse Championships and the many reasons they’re great.

While on site last year, we recorded a series of short interviews with a few different people who were at Lincoln Financial Field to take in the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championships. Hear from former players, fans, and media over what draws them to lacrosse’s biggest event each year.

Let’s go back to Philly!

Voices in the Crowd: Know The Game Podcast

For more great content keeping us from crying this Memorial Day Weekend, enjoy our Fan Superlative Awards covering legendary moments from the NCAA Lacrosse Championship Weekend parking lots.

Plenty more content reminiscing on championships of the past dropping on LaxAllStars.com over the next few days. Keep checking back in.