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Waboba Summer Splash Challenge

Calling all lacrosse players, future ballers, content creators, and fans of the fastest game on two feet! Waboba, creator of the ball that bounces on water, has teamed up with LaxAllStars to present the Summer Splash Challenge.

ball that bounces on waterThe Summer Splash Challenge is a unique chance for you to show us what your life is like off the field and earn a free gift from Waboba!

Step 1* » Claim Your Free Waboba Ball

Suggested video length: 30 seconds or less

Ask any lacrosse what their favorite thing to do is off the field in the summer, and chances are the response will involve hitting the lake, pool, or river. Water is a brilliant way to cool off, after all – especially after those brutal summer games.

To enter this contest, it’s time to get creative and show us how you spend time hanging out by the water…

Film your best STICK TRICK or TRICK SHOT using WATER. In water, around water, using water… it’s your choice. Videos can involve a lacrosse stick, a trick shot featuring any sport, or anything that fits the simple criteria! Then yell “Give me a Waboba!” into the camera.

Give me a Waboba!

To submit your video, just [memberful_register_link]join LaxAllStars[/memberful_register_link] (it’s free, too) or login if you’re already a member, then head over to our contest entry page. Feel free to click this handy dandy button once you’re signed in:

Sign me up for a free account!

I’m logged in & ready to enter

Complete the contest entry form, and you’re all set! Your free Waboba will be shipped out right away.

*Remember, step one must be completed by August 16, 2020.

Step 2 » Have Some Fun With It

Everyone who receives a ball is eligible to move forward!

It’s time to put your new ball that bounces on water to the test! Try it out and get creative with the bounce.

We will an announce the official list of participants on August 17, and you’ll have August 18-24 to submit your next video.

Get your friends and family in on the fun!

Step 3 » Win Cool Prizes

Showcase what you can do with a Waboba ball

Submit another 30 second video that showcases your elite skills (or lack there of)!

This video will be accepted via social media post anytime between August 18 and August 24, and @LaxAllStars will retweet/repost you.

Ten lucky winners will be randomly selected to receive Summer Splash prize packs, including Waboba Water Lacrosse Kits, Waboba Moon Balls, and other outdoor games!

And that’s it! Time to claim your own free Waboba ball now.

waboba summer splash challenge