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Week 4

Week 4 – MLL Stock Report

Welcome to Week 4 of the MLL Stock Report! We saw some crazy goals, amazing performances, and made some spot on predictions!

Welcome to Week 4 of the MLL Stock Report!

The MLL Stock Report is a week by week look at several of the stand out units, players, and moments in Major League Lacrosse, as well as a few things that stood out in the negative. We’d show you some more videos, but it looks like MLL has more or less given up on YouTube this season. Sad faces all around.

Grades are given like stocks are traded, with ratings on a scale of +/- 10.

I’m putting the spotlight on the things that stood out throughout the weekend’s match ups as well as giving you some bets for the upcoming weekend. It’s all for fun. I like betting, I’m just not a big gambler. There’s a difference!

Week 4 MLL Stocks

+10 – Oh Captain, My Captain: Brodie Merrill has done everything there is to do on a lacrosse field and arguably does it better than any other long stick player ever. On Saturday he scored an 85 yard goal as time expired just to prove it. At least this video is on YouTube! Well done.

+9.9 – Man Up: If you wonder who the leader is in Boston, it’s the guy whose name all the fans were cheering in autograph ally after the game, Will Manny. Manny put the team on his back and was unstoppable to the tune of 10 points. He tossed the assist on the game winning goal and even used an opponent’s head for a 2 pointer. He is also the leading scorer in the league by a wide margin and helped his team to go 2-0 on the weekend.

+9.8 – Staats Stats: Arguably my favorite player to watch, Randy Staats destroyed the Outlaws and almost outscored them on his own. He teamed up with former Cuse linemate Kevin Rice to the tune of 17 combined points on 11 goals and 6 assists. He is just so smooth. It was a show, one that should have a sequel.

+8.7 – The Deep End of the Pool: Ohio had 5 players score 5+ points. Tom Schreiber had 8, but only scored 2 goals. They just clicked all game long. They were credited with 11 assists but probably would have hade more like 15-16 if the MLL counted assists like the NBA. The number of quality scoring chance shots Ohio generated in this game was crazy.

+5.0 – Personal Bias: Speaking of Cuse finishers, we got to see the return to the MLL of Stephen Keogh. Mr. Catch and Shoot did just that to the Launch and scored a natural hat trick in about a 3 minute span. His third goal of the night was assisted by Kevin Cunningham and gave me flashbacks of the Hamilton Nationals. It was glorious.

+3.7 – All Orange: Tommy Palasek tried to keep New York in the game the best he could. He found his spot and hit the back of the net regularly. He put a ton of effort into this game even if the rest of his team seemingly didn’t, and had a great showing when his team had an off night.

-2.2 – Timing is Everything: Having MLL games on at the same time as NCAA tournament games is tough. Fans have to choose which games to watch. It’s not fun as both products are can’t miss.

-6.6 – Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?: Quick! Name the starting defense for the Denver Outlaws this past weekend. Atlanta struggled at the faceoff X and still scored 9 goals in the first quarter. It was 16-4 at half time. It was ugly in every way.

-9.8 – The Horror: Sorry John Galloway but I’ve got to put you here. The lighting on that end of Harvard stadium sucks plus Merrill and Belisle switched who had the ball but you can’t give up that goal. I am sure it’s killing Galloway also.

Week 5 MLL Locks

Last week’s predictions turned out almost perfect, with only the rookies letting me down. I’m riding them even harder this week as we will see a number of top picks joining the MLL after upsets in the NCAA’s. Calling for a rookie 5 point scorer. Come on young guns!

Unanswered question will be answered. If Charlotte wants to prove they are a playoff team they need to hang with New York. History in this matchup shows Charlotte gets up for this game. Still I take them as a -2.5 underdog. With the way NY lost last week, that might be generous.

The Cannons coming off a huge emotional win take on the Machine who are coming off a routing of New York. Both teams are riding high. Regardless of records this game is a pick ’em.

Chesapeke vs. Denver is another matchup where we don’t know all that much about the teams yet. Is Chesapeake as dominant and mistake free as they have looked at times? And can Denver put it together on D long enough to outscore someone? Bayhawks +3.5

The Thompson Brothers will each score 3+ points this week as Florida improves drastically. They still might not get the win but they will have their most competitive game yet.

More MLL coming at you next week. Be ready.

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