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Week 5 Fairfield – PLL Bets

Week Five and this stop brings us to Rafferty Stadium in Fairfield, CT. The PLL is back on the east coast after a great run in Minnesota. This week we have a Friday and Saturday slate of games that look to be some of the most exciting of the season so far on paper. This week looks to bring shape to the league and show us who the real contenders are. Expect lots of action going into next week’s All Star Break.

Whipsnakes(+1.5) vs. Waterdogs(-1.5) Friday July 14th 6pm – ESPN+

On paper it looks like two teams going in opposite directions, but this is a huge game for both. It’s still early, but this game has huge playoff implications. Win and the Whipsnakes are very much back in the mix. Lose and the Whips are on life support from here on out. Expect them to bring it, especially with some key players back in the lineup. The Whips should have an advantage at the FO with the Waterdogs not dressing a FOGO again this week. This game will come down to possessions and the Whips ability to defend Michael Sowers.

Pick: Waterdogs

Redwoods(+1.5) vs. Archers(-1.5) Friday July 14th 8:30pm ESPN+

Two teams that look very similar on paper, but are drastically different. The Redwoods early season success has been built on the success of their attack led by Rob Pannell and Ryder Garnsey. Everyone keeps asking when it will slow down, but it doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon. Will they be able to win the defensive battle this week? This main battle this week will be between TD Ierlan and Michael Sisselberger. The Archers ability to get more possessions has been the catalyst for their success on offense. If the Redwoods want to have a shot at this one they need to get more production from their midfield.

Pick: Archers

Cannons(-1.5) vs. Chrome(+1.5)  Saturday July 15th 6:00pm ESPN2

Can the Cannons keep the train rolling? With two straight wins they seem to be trending up while the Chrome have dropped three straight. Chrome will try another Attack combination this week to hopefully jumpstart their anemic offense. There is no doubt they have talent, but it’s finding the right combination has been challenging for them so far this season. Chrome needs this one in the worst way possible, so expect a desperate team to show up on Saturday. They will control the middle of the field with Connor Farrell, and should look better defensively with JT Giles-Harris and Jesse Bernhardt back.

Pick: Chrome

Atlas(-1.5) vs. Chaos(+1.5) Saturday July 15th 8:00pm ESPN+

This may be a head scratcher to see the Atlas as the favorite but diving deeper it makes a lot of sense. Styles make fights, and this looks to be very entertaining. The Atlas has an electric offense, but they’re still figuring out things defensively. In a game where every possession matters, they have the ultimate X Factor with Trevor Baptiste. Expect more of the same from him. Can Jack Concannon have a steady game in the cage? There’s been times when he’s been brilliant, and other times when he hasn’t. That’s a direct result of the defense finding its footing. The Chaos and their shooters are a bad matchup for the Atlas defense so expect them to cash in on their opportunities.

Pick: Atlas