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Welcome to Fall Lacrosse Explosion

Welcome to Fall Lacrosse, and all the excellent that comes with it! There is a lot going on this fall (more than usual even), so read on below to follow up on the biggest and best fall lacrosse activity. If you’re looking for great lacrosse videos, and I know you are, scroll to the bottom.

College Fall Ball

With college campuses buzzing with activity once again, fall lacrosse has started to pick up in pace. Teams are hitting the weights, some are hitting the field, and plenty are handing out new gear. Sure, we’re MONTHS away from meaningful college games, but it’s still exciting.

Here is a look in on what some programs of note are up to this off-season:

It’s never to early for an alumni game, right?

Tufts is sprucing up their facilities. Coach Daly informed me that brown and blue paint will soon cover all that concrete. This facility just got kicked up a notch.

If Cleveland State is working this hard already, other programs should start to worry! Of course it will take time for the Vikings to grow, but there is plenty of activity in the Cleve right now.

BYU has completed tryouts, so you know the MCLA is rolling just as much as the NCAA.

Onondaga Community College got new grey gloves. Superb!

Box Lacrosse is over? NOPE.

The Mann Cup typically signals the end of true pro level box lacrosse for the year. In January the NLL starts up, and the cycle repeats. But this year, we have another week-plus of extremely high level box lacrosse in the form of the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships. The Mann Cup WAS awesome, this is GOING TO BE awesome. So we have that to look forward to for another couple days, which, as Bill Murray says, is nice.

(You can still watch highlights from all SIX Mann Cup games here.)

More Box Just Happened!

Before the WILC, there was a massive U19 tourney in and around Six Nations. International teams, 3 from Canada, 3 Native American teams, and Team USA all played for medals, and not that surprisingly, a Canadian team won gold. Canada West, led by Head Coach Greg Rennie, and GM Chris Fox, took the title with a win over the CLAX Jr All-Stars.

Team USA lost in the semifinals to Canada West, but had a great round robin performance, and played with many of the best young box players in the world. While it must be noted that Team USA was playing as the only US team and that there were three teams each for the Iroquois and Canada, this team showed promise and played “real box”. This is a big step for the US too! Well done to the entire U19 group on their finish, but more importantly, for the precedent they set this year.

The final info is hard to come by and the U19 site hasn’t been updated since September 12th, but give it a look through for more info on who was there and how it all went down.

MLL – Ready For Expansion!

MLL expansion means the Atlanta Blaze get to pick away at the recovering corpses that are current MLL rosters. Much is up in the air, but big decisions need to be made by franchises on who to protect, and who can be allowed back into the player pool. 23 guys is a LOT of talent, but there are always a couple guys who just don’t make the cut, and that’s when weird stuff can happen.

Want to know who got protected, and who was left to hang in the wind? Check out for more. On October 7th, teams have to cut that number down even further, to 10-12 players (depending on how many goalies they list, it’s weird I know), and then the expansion draft goes down. Expect to see some big names head off to Atlanta on November 18th.

Welcome to Fall Lacrosse Videos

Hopefully you haven’t seen ALL of these before. If you have, you should write a weekly video post for us. Seriously. Want to have a video featured here? I’ll give you two hints. Don’t film it vertically, and don’t strap a go pro to your body. Ever.

Anyone looking for a 2019 finisher?

USA U19 vs Israel U19 Box Lacrosse Video:

More U19 Video:

16.5 Minutes from 2015 ND vs Cuse? OK!

Talk about a freshman having an impact… can’t wait for more Tinney in 2016.

Ok, that’s it for now. Back to business as usual.