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West Coast Fo Life: Sunday Funday With Original Photos!

David Palacios is back with another West Side Fo Life! where he covers a LOT of the NCAA D2 Lax world. D2 gets no love from the media so we’re trying to rectify that situation… and David is doing one heck of a job. Dominican’s Penguin helmets are legendary. It’s science.

So this weekend was, in the simplest written form, CRAZY!

You have the Undefeated C.W. Post Pioneers being beaten by Dowling. You have Queens beating Pfeiffer in 7 OTs, and WILA action kicked off with Dominican’s close win over Grand Canyon, also in OT.

Let me address something right off the bat, the above 7 OT number is not a typo.  Yes, they played for 7 OTs, and yes they broke the record once held by Virginia and Maryland, and Yes that is INSANE. What was the score you may ask? 4-3, even more Insane you say? I would agree.

Who put the rock away to win it for the Lions? A New Yorker by the name of Corey Geroy. Wish I would of been there to experience this game. Although the low score does leave on wondering…….

Dowling also took a game into OT agains the previously undefeated 2010 National Champs, C.W. post. This game is of particular interest since the Pioneers have lost twice to the Golden Lions in similar fashion. Don’t believe me? Check it out:

Another New Yorker put the rock in the basket in this game as well. In true Charles Sheen fashion, Mr. Louis Riley scores his first ever collegiate goal to win the game in OT.


CW Post Dowling Lacrosse

Now for some WILA action.

The Lopes made the Trek to the Bay Area. Let me preface this segment by saying, the Lopes played their two games here with a lot of heart and passion. It’s unfortunate that their athletic dept is dropping them as a varsity team. Hopefully they can continue to compete in the MCLA. I will dive deeper into this in another post but let’s continue with the game recap…

The Lopes played hard in Orinda (Game moved off campus due to poor weather) against the Pens. From what I have read and heard the Lopes stayed close all game. Goals were traded throughout the day with no team leading by too much. In the End Mr. Reed Upson put it away for the Pens and won it in OT. The Pens stay 3-0 in WILA play and the GCU Lopes move to 1-2. End score 12-11. Only other team undefeated in the WILA is the NDNU Argos.

FULL REPORT HERE: Sorry friends no Media for this game. Do have a few Pics from their game against Rollins.

Dominican Lacrosse WILA
Textbook technique, hands ready to pull the trigger.
Dominican Lacrosse WILA
Over hand top cheezer. Look at that form
Dominican Lacrosse WILA
The pole taking it the the rack

Argos Talk:

The NDNU Argos, have been cruising in WILA play. Their Sunday game against the Lopes was no different. Back to Business for the Arganuts winning 11-7. Must say in all my years covering the Nauts this has been the closest game between the two schools. Hats again go off to the Lopes for a game well played, leading at one point in the contest. Below are some pics from the Argos’ game against Adelphi earlier in the season. Also is a link to a nice little video on the NDNU athletic website.

NDNU Lacrosse
Mr. Jacob Hayashi taking it to the rack v. the Adelphi Panthers.
NDNU Lacrosse
Hunter Adams with the Stuff to stuff. Looks like the Panther is all swedish, no finish.
NDNU Lacrosse
Not sure what game this is but take a gander at those calfs. Implants? You be the judge.

Argos v. Adelphi Vid


NDNU Lacrosse
That flow is no longer flow and has metamorphasized into what can only be desribed as a mane.
NdnU Lacrosse
Solid defensive stance
NDNU Lacrosse
Little breakdance sesh from the GCU player. Middle of the game no problem.
NDNU Lacrosse
Two hands on the stick head up, need I say more RTG!!

More pics can be discovered hither: Friends of NDNU lax Both Joyce McCarron and John Fruehe took the above shots and we gotta say… VERY nice work you two!  Way to display the program in a great light.  Quality photos certainly help!


Head over to 412 for a Sweet WILA VID, Adams vs. Mesa: Griz v Mavs.

Also check out Mr. Tumbas’ Merrimack vid, MACK v. Hounds. In the same post. Can I just say that Merrimack has been producing quality video’s this whole season and last. Please keep em’ coming and props to whoever is making them. Hip Hip Hooray!!

Last but not least compadres, I would like to extend an invitation to you all to shoot over pics, videos, suggestion, or anything NCAA DII lax. I want to make this corner of LaxAllStars enjoyable to read, and I know things aren’t enjoyable unless they have pictures and some solid vids, I mean come on, who reads things with no pics!?!?!?  So shoot em over so I can put em up on the post. Shouts outs will be posted. Which reminds me.


Thanks to Emmett Faricy and his Father, Kevin Arabejo, Jacob Hayashi, Hunter Adams, Mr. Manley, and Mr. Bearson for lending their great pictures for the post. Thanks guys.

Until next time People. TATA.

Solid track…14 year old brother’s suggestion:


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