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Forum Friday
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Who’s Your LXM PRO Season MVP?

Welcome to Forum Friday! Everyday there are great conversations taking place in the LAS CommunityIf you haven’t signed up yet, make sure you do! And while you’re at it, you might as well watch this silly video update we created too. We hope it provides you with an easy way to connect with other lacrosse fans all over the world.

Tomorrow’s LXM PRO 805 event in Los Angeles marks the final game of the season for the LXM PRO tour. In Connor’s preview of the game, he takes a look at who the league scoring champ might be when all is said and done. One of our LAS Community members was thinking along the same lines, wondering who you’d pick for the LXM PRO season MVP.

tkkawugule8 posted the following:

I love the LXM Pro tour and have watched(I think) every game since they have been on YouTube and I was wonder who people think is the best player has beeen this year on the tour. Usually i would go right to someone like billy bitter or Sam Bradman, but after that amazing performance that Max Davis had in cage about a month ago i was wondering who people think the best all around player has been this year.

So who do YOU think has been the MVP this past LXM PRO season? Get in on the conversation in the original post, and make sure to catch the final game in Los Angeles tomorrow on The Lacrosse Network at 5:30 PM!