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Junior college JUCO lacrosse
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Why JUCO Lacrosse Could Be Right for You

If you haven’t been paying attention to LAS lately, we’ve been working to spotlight as many levels of lacrosse as we can. In today’s article, we’re showing junior college (JUCO) lacrosse some love.

I could try to explain the value of JUCO lacrosse and everything that goes into it, but I wouldn’t do it justice. Instead, watch the video below and let Chuck Wilbur explain junior college lacrosse. Coach Wilbur is the former head coach and current retention coordinator for OCC (Onondaga Community College).

A few takeaways

A few of my favorite quotes from Chuck’s presentation:

“Junior college is one of the most undervalued yet valuable places you can begin your journey.”

“Graduating from a junior college will allow you to waive your testing and high school GPA and meet DI, DII, and DIII requirements. It is a chance to start fresh if your academic performance in high school was not what you had hoped it would be.”

So, Why JUCO Lacrosse?

-You are able develop your skills while increasing your exposure and experience.

-It allows you to pursue lacrosse with a lower out-of-pocket cost (typically).

-It allows you to takes classes and explore possible career paths before committing to a more expensive four-year program.

-You are in great company (see below).

Recognize these names?

Some of the games biggest stars got their start at the junior college level. These are just a few examples:

-Randy Staats

-Austin Staats

-Tyson Bell

-John Grant Jr.

-Cody Jamieson

-Jeremy Thompson

Back Better Than Ever

While the missing 2021 season wasn’t the same without OCC, we’re happy to report the Lazers will be back better than ever as they’ve received a full go from college administration for fall ball. JUCO lacrosse isn’t JUCO lacrosse without OCC.

How do I learn more?

To learn more about JUCO lacrosse opportunities and schools that offer junior college lacrosse, you should visit: