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WILA Showcase: Notre Dame De Namur Argonauts

This week I will be talking about one of the oldest NCAA teams located West of the Mississippi: the Notre Dame De Namur Argonauts. I had a chance to talk to Head Coach Stephen Dini about the program, its history, its future and the WILA. This is what he had to say…

Coach, tell us a little bit about the History of the NDNU Argonauts lax team!

The men’s lacrosse team was founded in Fall 2003 & this is the 8th season. In 2007 & 2008 the team was ranked in the top ten, reaching as high as 5th in the country.

A throwback pic from one of those Stellar Seasons.

Can you tell us about the School, Academic programs of particular strength, Location, etc.?

NDNU is a Private Catholic University, founded in 1851 by the sisters of Notre Dame.  It is the third oldest University in California. Academic programs of strength are Business, Teaching, Psychology, Kinesiology and Art.  The school is smack dab in the middle of the San Francisco Bay Area about 30 minutes from the heart of Silicon Valley and 30 Minutes south of San Francisco.

Look it that weather - 75 and sunny, NICE NICE!

Any facilities of note?

We have a brand new Turf field built only 4 years ago. The field is perfect for lacrosse and is only used by the school’s soccer team. It is completely enclosed which makes ball shagging easy!

That field is a beaut!

What about Academic Facilities, historic buildings, dorms, etc.?

NDNU had new Dorms built just 9 years ago, and there is another new building to be announced later this year.  We are also home to the Historic Ralston Hall, a California landmark, and one of the largest mansions in the state of California.

My summer estate?

What is your current view of the 2011 Argos Season?

We scheduled a very solid schedule with some very strong out of conference opponents. We also possess a very strong defense. Our scoring is a part of our game that we can improve on.

Are there any players on your team who are really developing as athletes this season?

Hunter Adams, Aaron Cruz, and Johnny Fruehy all are making big strides this year.

Solid smiles from the GK's

Any players you would like to commend for their work this year so far?

Matt Fredericks and Kevin Arabejo have been fantastic.  And overall, our hardworking defense.

What’s your view and outlook for the next three years?

Our goals for the program are: Continue to recruit strong players that want to play NCAA lacrosse and go to a small University.

Our goals within the WILA & for lacrosse out west: Win the WILA Championship, continue to grow the sport and offer a good alternative to East Coast lacrosse on the West Coast.

What type of Student-Athlete are you looking to recruit to Notre Dame De Namur?

Students that want to focus on being good in the classroom and great on the field. We are an ideal University for athletes that like small classrooms and very focused academic attention. Students-athletes that like that will get the right attention here and will do well in the classroom, and that will translate to doing well on the athletic field. Players that can play with a sense of urgency and have the stick skills and field knowledge to be good in the NCAA. Above all else, athletes.

What we play for: that College Diploma, ladies and gents.
The Beautiful Weigand Gallery

Thanks to Coach Dini for taking the time to answer our questions, the families over at, Joyce McCarron and John Fruehe and also to the NDNU athletic Dept. Until next time Ladies and Gents.