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Test your knowledge of the international box game with this World Indoor Lacrosse Championship quiz, covering the global indoor lax event.
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World Indoor Lacrosse Championship Quiz

The box game just continues to grow internationally. See how well you know it by taking this World Indoor Lacrosse Championship quiz.

A few weeks ago, we created a World Lacrosse Championship quiz to test your knowledge of the international field game. This quiz is similar, though the WILC does not have as much history as its outdoor counterpart. It is also changing its name to the World Lacrosse Men’s Box World Championship as World Lacrosse has officially pivoted from the “indoor” moniker to “box.” But, for the purposes of this quiz, we are sticking with the WILC name.

The most recent World Indoor Lacrosse Championship was held in 2019 with the next one scheduled for the coming years, and if you don’t know when that is, you will probably not ace this WILC quiz. You could always treat it like those lovely Scantron tests from high school, though: as long as you guess, you have a 20 percent chance of being right! And if you are currently forced to endure standardized testing, I am sorry.

Like the WLC, there hasn’t been a ton of movement in the medal positions in WILC history. But how much volatility has there been, and who have been some of the major players in past tournaments? That is for us to know and you to find out – or for you to already know and get correct on this quiz.

With much less history behind the tournament, this WILC quiz is not quite as long or comprehensive as its 20-question counterpart concerning the WLC. Perhaps in a few decades it will be. But until then, these 13 questions will put your knowledge of the premier international box lacrosse event to the test and separate the true box heads from the filthy casuals (not that there’s anything wrong with that).