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world lacrosse festival player registration netanya, israel
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World Lacrosse Festival Player Registration: Sign Up Now!

Have you booked your flight to Israel yet? The FIL Men’s World Lacrosse Championships only come around every four years. It’s truly a special event in the way it brings our community together, and this “World Lacrosse Festival” experience is always completely unique depending on the location.

Just ask Ryan Powell who captained Team USA to Gold in 2010 in England or Brodie Merrill who led a Canada squad that made mining Gold in Colorado look easy in 2014. Each country, each location with it’s own set of adventures and festivities to take part in off (and on) the field.

The most recent editions of the World Championships have added in an amenity that I believe is unique to our game. Alongside each main event, a World Lacrosse Festival Tournament provides the opportunity for players and teams to compete against one another in full field lacrosse games. Athletes of all ages from all over the globe show up to witness history made at the elite international level while also getting the chance to play lacrosse while representing their club – and country!

So in our sport, part of experiencing the World Lacrosse Championships is PLAYING the game, too. For the greats competing in the blue group like Ryan and Brodie did, and for guys like you and me.

I’m told there’s nothing like participating in the World Lacrosse Festival Tournament, and I can’t wait to experience it. Want to play, too?

This is your invitation to join in on the fun as an individual lacrosse player rather than traveling with a team. In one simple package, you get everything you need (except flights) to take in the 2018 FIL World Lacrosse Championship and to play some competitive lacrosse while you’re there. The goal has been to offer everything you’ll need to have an amazing time, all the while keeping costs in mind, so we can include as many of our lacrosse friends as possible!

World Lacrosse Festival Schedule

  • July 13-16 – U15, U17, U19 Boys Festival Tournaments
  • July 13-20 – Elite/Open Men’s and Women’s Festival Tournament
  • July 17-20 – 40+ Masters, 50+ Masters Festival Tournaments

Player Registration Form

Package: $1,000 USD


Lodging: 11 nights in Israel (check in 7/11, check out 7/22)
Transportation: 1 Shuttle Pass for transportation to and from lodging to game venues, as well as to and from the airport*
FIL World Championships: 1 Full Event Pass including access to ALL of the games
Full Uniform: Shooting shirt, reversible jersey, and shorts

*Airport transportation is only available on 7/11 and 7/22. For all other dates, we will provide instructions on how you can take a super simple $7 train.


Fill out this form to join us in Israel:

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FAQs Convincing You to Play Lacrosse in Israel

If the answers below don’t do the trick, feel free to comment in the discussion area at the bottom of this page and ask away!

Is it WORTH it?

We’re thrilled with the $1,000 price point for more reasons than one! A few of us were asked to play on teams at the World Lacrosse Festival tourney in Manchester, England during the 2010 games, which boasted a price tag that exceeded $2,000 for all of the same things offered.

WHO are we looking for?

If you want to play, we want you to play. Any skill level and most ages (see schedule above). We are taking all players of all abilities and then we’ll build as many teams as we get players for. We already have one men’s and one women’s team formed from this open registration pool, and we’re realistically looking to form another three of each.

We want YOU to hang out amongst this truly international lacrosse community in Israel with 200 of your new best friends and teammates!

What will lodging be like?

Hotels! You won’t be forced to roll out a sleeping bag or make due in some sketchy hostel with 16 stragners per room. No way! You’ll be able to escape that Israeli heat into your AC cooled hotel room equipped with everything you’ll need to live in comfort.

What other costs do I have?

The $1,000 USD will take care of the vast majority of your costs, but it won’t take care of everything. You will be responsible for your flight and your food/drink for the week. You’ll be able to get affordable groceries nearby to minimize the cost of food, but there will also be a food truck rodeo on site, and trust us… Israeli food trucks > PB&J sammiches.

What will the tournament be like?

This will be a competitive tournament, but we will not be losing focus on what’s most important. We want to create a competitive environment that will highlight elite level lacrosse, while at the same time, building a quality experience for everyone. The festival will be held over 8 days, from July 13th to July 20th, with each team guaranteed at least 7 games.

By only giving you one game per day in that boiling hot Israeli summer sun, we’ll ensure you have time to go to the beach, time to watch the World Championships, and most importantly, time to just relax and enjoy your hard-earned lacrosse vacation!

Why should I do this?

You should WANT to be here! Our game has doubled in size over ten years, and we’re not slowing down.

This is one giant community built solely around this game of ours. New nations will be debuting for the first time EVER and so many athletes getting their first chance to adorn their national colors!

Also, this will be the last “open” World Championships – therefore making this THE SINGLE LARGEST  WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP & WORLD LACROSSE FESTIVAL THAT WILL EVER BE HELD!

If you can make it, we want you to make it. Come help us celebrate the game as it expands to new corners of the globe. You’ll meet friends for life from all over the planet – all connected through the same love you have for throwing a ball with a stick. You have no idea of the opportunities out there just waiting for you.

Opportunities? What kind of opportunities?

We don’t predict the future, but our personal experiences prove to us that when you make yourself available and ready to grow the game, the chances to do so will fall into your lap. Especially at the World Lacrosse Festival.

Fun fact: Our own globe-trotter, Brian Witmer, was sitting with his brother and their father watching Canada defeat the USA for gold in Denver’s 2014 games. A man leaned in and asked “what was that call all about?” from behind them. Brian did his best to breakdown the scenario for a fellow lacrosse fan. It turns out he was an Australian and the conversation turned toward the state of the game Down Under.

Long story short, Brian wound up playing lacrosse for a year in Australia just because of a simple conversation. He also took the plunge and competed in the 2014 festival with guys he’s gone on to play with in Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, the Czech Republic, and beyond. World Lacrosse Festival FTW!

Wait, how do I sign up?

THAT’S THE EASY PART! Just fill out the form at the top of this page!

Can’t swing the full price of $1,000 all at once? We can’t blame you! If you need to make a couple 50% payments or you need to work something else out, we’re here to accommodate! Just drop us a line and our main man Brian Witmer will do his very best to help get you to Israel.

This isn’t just fun (it is a lot of fun), it’s an OPPORTUNITY! Don’t miss out. Seriously, don’t! Throw caution to the wind and come play lacrosse with us in Israel and be part of the once-in-a-lifetime 2018 FIL Men’s World Lacrosse Championships this July!


Everyone who signs up to compete with us in the World Lacrosse Festival this summer will be provided access to purchase lacrosse equipment and gear at discounted prices. We know you’re already spending quite a bit of coin on this whole trip, so we want to give you another chance to ball on a budget.

This all finds it’s way back to growing the game. If you have new equipment, it makes it that much easier to donate your older stuff. Keep the new stuff at home and then leave your old gear in Israel when it’s time to go home. It’s less stuff to carry back, which could save some baggage costs, and will do so much good for someone else.

Or, buy new gear, look good playing in it, then leave that stuff behind to help out! That way you don’t lose your all-time favorite piece of lacrosse equipment and you still get the chance to make a difference in the world!