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Zen Fundraiser Extended: The Why and How

Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing raised just under $5,000 in its initial round of project funding; and this is an amazing start, which has allowed the project to take its current shape: Greg will travel to a number of different locations to teach the local lacrosse community to string, in order to harness their highest potential as players, people, community members, and teammates.

But now we have some big news to share, and that is the extension of the Zen Fundraising Deadline to April 1st! (It’s to accommodate all the workshop registrations) First we’ll give you a little more info on the fundraiser (in case you don’t know already!), and then we’ll get into how things are changing, and how you can still get involved!

zen lacrosse and the art of stringing

Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing begins with a journey across the country to different locations, teaching as many players, parents, and coaches how to understand their game better through learning how to understand their pocket, string the perfect pocket for their game at that moment, and how to progress their pocket as they progress as people; the culmination will produce a hard copy book.

During the planned travels, Greg Rose will write the book, Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing, as he gets inside the minds of players, coaches, and parents, all in hopes of providing the most relatable book possible. Here is a video explaining a bit about the project, from the beginning:

Players in the lacrosse community do not just need another lesson in technical execution, or how to tie knots; they need a lesson in how to think for themselves, so they can use intuition to find their best game, and to be the best possible person they can be.

You can learn much about a person through tracing back the reasons behind any seemingly small action in life by simply asking ‘why?’, and then answering honestly. Greg believes this, and we think he’s on to something special with the concept.

We’re so excited that Greg is going to create a book both worth owning, and reading more than once. This will be a book where folks will go not only for technical instruction, but, more importantly, inspiration to learn more about themselves and improve in mind and body. Greg will document his journey (blogging/videos) on

On his journey, Greg will be hosting workshops, and below you can find the dates and locations, which are currently open for registration. Exact locations and times are yet to be determined for some places, but they will be very close geographically to each of these cities, and time of day is noted below:

Washington, DC and Metro Area

2/23 Mesh Workshop (early evening)

2/23 Traditional Workshop (flexible – only 5 spots available)

McLean, VA

2/24 Mesh Workshop (12-2:30 PM Madlax Sports, 1345 Chain Bridge Rd, McLean VA)

Austin, TX

3/1 Mesh Workshop (evening)

3/2 Traditional Workshop (flexible – only 5 spots available)

3/2 Mesh Workshop (evening)

Houston, TX

3/3 Mesh Workshop (evening)

3/3 Traditional Workshop (late evening)

Islip, NY

3/9 Mesh Workshop (early evening)

New York, NY

3/10 Mesh Workshop (5-7:30 PM, Goddard Riverside Community Center, 593 Columbus Avenue, New York NY)

Atlanta, GA

3/15 Mesh Workshop (evening)

3/16 Traditional Workshop (flexible – only 5 spots available)

3/16 Mesh Workshop (early evening)

Maple Shade, NJ

3/23 Mesh Workshop (5 PM – 8 PM + 1 Hour Optional Pass/Shoot-Around, RuffLax, 120 East Kings Highway, Maple Shade NJ 08052

Freehold, NJ

3/24 Mesh Workshop (5 PM to 7:30 PM, LacrosseBallStore.Com  62 Jackson St Suite 2, Freehold NJ 07728)

San Diego, CA

3/28 Mesh Workshop (evening)

3/29 Mesh Workshop (evening)

3/30 Traditional Workshop (morning or early afternoon – only 5 spots available)

Los Angeles, CA

3/30 Mesh Workshop (evening)

3/30 Traditional Workshop (late evening – only 5 spots available)

San Francisco, CA

4/1 Mesh Workshop (evening)

4/1 Traditional Workshop (late evening – only 5 spots available)

4/2 Mesh Workshop (evening)

To give you a slightly better feel for the change in set up, Greg had this message to share:

From the beginning, my hope was always to meet people around the country, gain insights into how people learn and play, and use the things I learned in forming Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing.

The fundraising will be extended to facilitate this effort, and the rewards will change significantly. Players can now sign up for workshops in each of these regions, plus a number of other rewards will still remain open to those who want to contribute for that reward. To register, sign up for the Mesh or Traditional Workshop below, and we will email you with further information on being placed in a specific workshop; please feel free to email me with any questions:

Through this second round of funding, I will be taking registrations for these workshops as well as continuing to fund the book creation. All of the money raised from the initial round of funding is allocated to traveling and fulfilling the rewards. Before you check out the registration and rewards, here’s a quick testimonial about the stringing classes I’ve taught:

To see a full breakdown of the rewards, Go to the Zen Fundraising Page.

Greg would like to give a special thanks to those who helped contribute to this project from the beginning, especially in regards to the video:

– Seth Blaustein, from, edited and produced both videos; he also acted as videographer, editor, producer and co-director of our Stringing Revolution DVD.

– Iván González acted as videographer for the funding and testimonials videos.

– Arden Cohen, Craig Cohen and Max Pazzaglini, from DOCS NYC Lacrosse, helped as talent for the funding and testimonial videos.