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Zombies Cup – Belgrade, Serbia

Editor’s Note: we love learning about new tournaments, or places where the game is growing, and Belgrade, Serbia seems to fit that mold pretty nicely. The game seems to be taking off in the Balkans, and Ivan Negrojević sent over the below info to help us all stay up to date on the progress being made in Serbia and beyond.

Last week (the 27th-29th of September) the annual Zombies Cup Tournament (third year in a row, but first time under this name) was held in Belgrade, Serbia. Charles Cather, an American from Illinois who moved to Serbia and currently works as Equipment and Development Coordinator for Serbian Lacrosse Federation, filmed the below interview to show how lacrosse brings together people from previously warring countries in the Balkans, making and strengthening friendships, as well as breaking the stereotypes in the process:

Hungarian, Croatian, Slovenian, and Serbian lacrosse teams will start up a common/joint regional league, beginning in 2014 in order to help with development of new clubs and raising the overall quality of lacrosse in this part of Europe. One of the creators of this idea is Brian Gorodetsky, European Lacrosse Federation’s VP for Development of Men’s lacrosse (and LAS Game Grower of the Month for February 2013).

For this edition of the Zombies Cup Tournament a Hungarian team from Budapest, Budapest BLAX, won the 1st place, a mixed team made up of some Czech (from LC Slavia Praha) and Slovenian players (from Olimpija Lacrosse) finished in 2nd place, the Belgrade Zombies were 3rd, and the Zagreb Bulldogs finished 4th.


Next year the tournament will move to April (the precise date is yet to be decided) and it may be bigger potentially, with more teams participating. A full gallery of this year’s Zombies Cup Tournament can be found here: