Anything One Can Thumb, Two Can Thumb Better?


It has been a pastime of mine (albeit a lame one) to look through game pictures on and look for illegal sticks or other procedural violations and from time to time I have commented on Duke’s Max Quinzani propensity to thumb the ball when it is in his stick and he is carrying the ball or dodging.  A player is not actually allowed to touch the plastic of the head at all, so even if he isn’t touching the ball, it is still a possible advantage and therefore illegal.

Upon further inspection of the Duke game, it seems like Thumbgate is spreading to other Blue Devils players and yet the refs continue to let them play with impunity.  Check out the pictures below and let me know if you think I’m crazy. It seems to me like the rules are being routinely flouted by Duke of all schools and I’m the only one throwing a fit over it!