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RIT Reigns Supreme in DIII Men’s Lacrosse Through All-Time Classic

RIT lacrosse DIII men's national champions

In this year’s NCAA DIII men’s lacrosse national championship game between RIT and Salisbury, we witnessed an absolutely fantastic battle of wills. Right from the start, you had one team wanting to play fast and chaotic lacrosse, while the other wanted to control the tempo and methodically wear its opponent down. Forget that RIT was chasing […]

DIII Men’s Championship Preview

DIII men's lacrosse championship preview 2021

The DIII men’s lacrosse championship game is one of the most thrilling matchups every Memorial Day Weekend, and this year’s title game featuring RIT and Salisbury will be a contest for the ages. That’s not a prediction; it’s a guarantee! Both teams get a week to prepare for this one, both come in battle tested, […]

Never Forget: The Man In The Red Bandana

Never Forget: The Man In The Red Bandana

Welles Crowther was a former Division 1 lacrosse player working in the World Trade Center on September 11th. “The Man in the Red Bandana” ESPN piece tells the heroic story of his life, and it’s simply something you have to see and hear to believe.

Alpha Huarache 7 Cleats by Nike

nike alpha huarache 7 cleats

Earlier this year, Nike sent over a brand new pair of their Alpha Huarache 7 Pro lacrosse cleats, and seeing as the Swoosh has long crafted top notch footwear, I was obviously excited. My current cleats are a more basic pair of Nike lows, and while I really like them, I’m always excited to see […]

Altona Lacrosse Club: Play Lacrosse In Australia

altona lacrosse club australia lacrosse

Editor’s Note: Have you ever wanted to play lacrosse in Australia? We’ve got a very exciting interview for you today with Rodney Maher, a representative of the Altona Lacrosse Club based in Victoria, which accepts visiting players and coaches to play and coach with the team as part of program. Players like Micheal Rhoads from […]

Trameshional Tradmesh Stringing Tutorial

Trameshional Tradmesh Stringing Tutorial

A couple of months back, we put up a couple of tradmesh pockets photos on Instagram that I dubbed Trameshional. Perhaps that name is stupid, but I’d never seen this variation of tradmesh done before, even though I’m sure it has been. People asked for a tutorial, I took my sweet time in making one, and now it’s here.

Junior College Report: April Madness Approaches

This is usually the point in the NJCAA season where teams have settled into their spots, and we can pretty much tell who is going to be around and competing in the latter stages of the season. I say usually because there have been plenty of surprises in the past, and 2019 is looking like […]

Cascade Helmets Keep Evolving

Cascade helmets lineage history

How does the new S Helmet from Cascade fit in to their legacy of constant helmet evolution? It’s right at the top!