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The Ivies Go Corporate

The Ivy League is looking for a sponsor for its lacrosse championship tournament. What company do you think will jump on board?

Ireland: More Than Just Cool Accents

Stumbled across this 2007 video, documenting a game between what were then the only two lacrosse organizations in all of Ireland.

College Lacrosse 2010: The LaxAllStars Official Review

After months of anticipation, fueled by a frustrating last minute delay, College Lacrosse 2010 has finally arrived on the Xbox 360 marketplace. So was it worth the wait?

More Elitist: Lacrosse or NCAA Football?

Many of us on the LAS staff are avid college football fans.  What’s better than a little BBQ before your alma mater kicks off...

Where’s The Love?

This isn’t going to be easy. There’s some rumors going the around the playground that lacrosse isn’t a game for everyone.

Idaho Goalie Becomes State’s First Men’s D1 Recruit

Idaho high school goalie Michael Baker gives LAS the rundown on being the his State's first ever Men's Division 1 lacrosse commitment, how he was recruited from a small market, and of course...flow.

MCLA Summer Meeting Minutes

Blake Gaudet takes a closer look at the MCLA's Summer Meeting Minutes and picks out the topics worth discussing.

Instant Replay in NCAA Lacrosse?

On September 3rd, the NCAA announced its intention to experiment with instant replay during televised lacrosse games in the spring of 2010. Is the game of lacrosse conducive to this kind of technology?

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