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Hilsgen is a former MCLA D2 defender. After his playing career ended, he turned to the sidelines where he was briefly on staff at UNCG. Now, he's a nomadic lacrosse fan, looking for his next coaching and playing opportunity.

Fireside Chat: Peter Moosbruger

Ladies and Gents, welcome to my first Fireside Chat. And boy do I have a good one. Who better for #1 than a guy who...

Arizona State: Semi-Final Commentary And Analysis

The Lax and the LAS gang are back to head up our coverage of the MCLA National Tournament in Denver, Colorado. Denver: where it's sunny 300 days a year! (except when it's not).

The Lax’s Day 2 Analysis And Commentary

The rain and sleet and snow may have postponed some of the Day 1 action but the LaxAllStars coverage NEVER STOPS! The Lax is back with analysis and commentary from Day 2 of the 2010 MCLA National Tournament in Denver.

The Lax’s D2 First Round Recap

The Lax breaks down his initial impressions from the first round Division 2 games.

The Lax’s D2 Championship Preview

We're gonna skip the normal weekly MCLA Division 2 roundup for this week and go straight into a preview for the National Championship tournament in Denver.

And The Survey Says…

The Lax shares his reaction to the MCLA Division 2 National Tournament seeding.

The Lax’s Weekly D2 Roundup: Conference Tournament Edition

The Lax checks in with all his MCLA Division 2 projections. Big weekend ahead!

The Lax’s Weekly D2 Roundup: Conference Tournament Edition

Your weekly review of the MCLA's Division 2 is taking a serious turn. It's Conference Tourney time and the stakes are a trip to nationals. Who's in and who's out in the SELC and PNCLL? Plus some pics from the Tommie-Johnnie game.

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