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Nationwide Indiscretions: The UMLL D2

I always enjoy going back home to Minnesota. When I lived there, I had no clue that the sport of lacrosse even existed. Now, the state boasts some of the best MCLA teams in either division. Today, we’ll take a look at the Tommies, Johnnies, and the rest of the self-named mascots of the UMLL D2.

Editor’s note: Check out other D2 conference reviews here:

Update your logo please.

Some background UMLL info: The home of arguably the two best teams in D2, St. Johns and St. Thomas. Both teams are almost always ranked in the top 5 and are usually each others only conference loss. I’m pretty sure they are the only teams from the UMLL to ever get to the national championship tournament, making appearances in the title game three times. (St. Johns 0-2, St. Thomas 1-0). Fun Fact: Both times St Johns lost in the title game, the national champion decided to petition to enter D1 the next season.

Augsburg Auggies

2/6 vs South Dakota

Final Grade: C-I think I’m gonna be a bit lenient when it comes to grading the UMLL. Each team plays at least two games vs top 5 ranked teams due to conference play.

Bethel Royals

3/27 vs Nebraska-Omaha

Final Grade: Again, C-.

Carleton Knights

2/6 vs Creighton

2/6 @ Nebraska (GRLC D1)

3/26 vs Wheaton

Final Grade: C+. Solid effort combined with the addition of a D1 team.

Minnesota State – Moorhead Dragons

4/3 @ Dordt

4/4 @ Nebraska-Omaha

Final Grade: C. One thing I don’t understand about their schedule though is that they have 2 games in February, followed by a month off in March, then these two games. If they don’t win with a month of preparation, I will be highly disappointed.

North Dakota State Bison

2/6 vs South Dakota

2/13 vs Wheaton

2/20 vs Creighton

B-. Two of those games are played at Augsburg College. Why? No clue. I hope it’s a short drive for their sake.

St. John’s Johnnies

2/12 vs Wheaton

2/19 vs Creighton

3/13 @ Dayton

3/14 @ Davenport

3/19 vs Oakland

3/20 vs Western Washington

Final Grade: A+. The Johnnies are a home team of sorts for me. I grew up maybe 15 minutes from their campus. Though, UMLL D1 school, St. Cloud State was much closer, considering I actually lived in St. Cloud.

Enough of the look down memory lane.

St. Olaf Oles

2/13 vs Dordt

4/10 @ South Dakota

Final Grade: C+. I know nothing about any of these teams.

St. Thomas Tommies

2/20 vs Oakland

2/22 vs Western Washington

3/28 vs South Dakota

Final Grade: B-. Only 3 OOC games for the defending national champions. I find that quite odd.

Wisconsin – Eau Claire Blugolds

2/6 @ Northern Michigan

2/6 vs Calvin

Final Grade: C+What exactly is a Blugold, aside from a color that doesn’t exist?

Again, I’m quite pleased that every team got an OOC game. More importantly, all of the UMLL’s non-conference foes are MCLA teams. Definitely looks good for the conference. Overall, we’ll give them an A-.

Next up: GRLC

Finally, some D2 teams are releasing pics of their gear for this season.  First, we had Dayton’s uni’s unveiled in our Fireside Chat with Zach Burke. Now, courtesy of Lacrosse Playground, we get a look at Grand Valley State’s STX Cell gloves.

I like the selection. Has a kind of classy look to them.

Next post will take a look at Charlotte’s new Helmet/Uniforms. Click. Clack.

Courtesy of Twitter, we have our first D2 over D1 upsets in the opening weekend. Western Washington beat the Huskies of of U of Washington by a score of 11-6. Our boy from 412 land lost to Grove City College 8-7.  If you’re a mid-range to low end D1 team, you might not want to schedule some of the better D2 teams. At least they were your season openers and you can “blame” it on rust.

– Flavor of the week: Mastodon, Drake, and blink 182
– Might have a possible knee injury. To our good knee. We’ll play through the pain.
– During fall ball, we had a mohawk. Expect it to make a return for the spring season.

And just because I have a disdain for 412 and his love of Justin Beiber….

About the Author: The Lax picked up his first stick when he stepped on campus at MCLA D2 school UNC Charlotte. After taking a short break, he returned to the field for independent UNCG. The Lax enjoys flowers, pictures of unicorns, long walks on the beach, and above all else, beating people with his D-Pole.

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