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Connor is the Publisher of He lives in Brooklyn with his better half, continues to play and coach both box and field lacrosse in NYC as much as possible, and covers the great game that is lacrosse full-time. He spends his spare time stringing sticks and watching Futurama.
Brown_Lacrosse_Practice lars tiffany

Brown’s Lars Tiffany – IYFLaxCast Ep 9C

Lars Tiffany, the head coach of the Brown University men's lacrosse team, joins Ryan Danehy and Andy Towers for episode 9C of the In Your Face LaxCast!

The Spirit Game – Final Push For Funding

One final push is being made to fully fund The Spirit Game: Pride of A Nation, and time is running out to get involved!

NJCAA Lacrosse Is On Fire! JuCo Report

NJCAA Lacrosse is so hot right now, it's almost scary. We've enjoyed a fantastic season so far, and the excellence is showing no signs of letting up.
Yale Vs Syracuse Andy shay

Yale’s Andy Shay – IYFLaxCast

This week's In Your Face LaxCast is a THREE parter and this time around we've got Yale's Andy Shay! On Thursday we welcome Brown's Lars Tiffany.
maximum lacrosse box lacrosse gear

Maximum Lacrosse – NEW Box Lacrosse Pads!

Maximum Lacrosse is a new company making box lacrosse padding, but they have more experience making box pads than almost any other company out there...
asktowers andy towers

#AskTowers – In Your Face LaxCast

Welcome to #AskTowers! Ryan Danehy takes questions from our listeners, and he puts those same questions to the legend himself, Andy Towers.
flip flopping loyola vs lehigh

Flip Flopping Means It’s A Poll

You won't see any flip flopping or hear any white noise from me. Whatever my opinions are this week is what they have always been. Top 20 poll votes time!
Princeton Loyola Lacrosse fall ball fashion bates firing

IYFLaxCast : Bates Firing, Weekend Predictions!

Danehy and Towers bring you a BRAND NEW LaxCast, and it's a doozy! They cover the Chris Bates firing at Princeton, and preview the big games coming up!

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