Awesome New Serbia Lacrosse Video


Ivan Negrojević sent over another killer video from Serbia about the growth of lacrosse in the country. Here is Ivan’s email to us:

Thanks to the sponsorship by Baterija Studio ( ) Serbian Lacrosse Federation just released the new professional promotional video which was filmed this September and which will serve as a platform for promoting and growing lacrosse in Serbia as well as recruitment of new players. We have some big development plans and also some signals from few cities, besides Belgrade, for starting up lacrosse clubs and we’ll hopefully have more news about that very soon.

Until we bring you some more news regarding the growth of the game and lacrosse in general in Serbia, here is the link of the promotional video.

The video also features Brian Gorodetsky, a Canadian player living in Belgrade, who brought lacrosse to Serbia. In case you need some English to understand what’s happening, Brian provides it.

It sounds like lacrosse is only getting more and more popular in Serbia, and it’s clear they have a dedicated base of players already. Good luck to Serbia as it Grows The Game!