Behind The Back SportsCenter Top 10


Joe Walters scored a behind the back goal off a behind the back feed from Jordan MacIntosh. It’s an All-Star highlight, and exactly what one would expect from some of the world’s best. This goal made SportsCenter’s Top 10 at #9:

I’ll take this opportunity to once again espouse the values of box lacrosse. Jordan MacIntosh is a Canadian who grew up playing box, and is also now one of the best field players in that country. Joe Walters is an American who has learned the box game, and he’s looking like a solid pick for Team USA right now, both indoor and out.

If you don’t play some box, you are selling yourself short. Even I, as an old, out of shape man, have started playing more box. It’s never too late, and will only make you better. SportsCenter better? Maybe.