Steve Panarelli Farmingdale Lacrosse kayak check West Genny

Best Lacrosse Stick Check Takeaway Video EVER.

4 - Published January 28, 2011 by in Lifestyle, Training
Steve Panarelli Farmingdale Lacrosse kayak check West Genny

Panarelli with the one hand btb kayak. Try it, I dare you.

Talon Lacrosse was purchased by Easton and now they are Easton lacrosse.  Now they make helmets everyone talks about but few have seen, heads whose offset-ness can be adjusted by turning a screw, and shafts that look like they’re made out of wood, when they’re not.  But before they were Easton, Talon put together a couple of video highlights and one of those shows off some of the best takeaway checks ever conceived.  There is a ton 0f 80s and 90s stuff in the beggining, then you get to guys like Chris Passavia in college, Eric Martin Jeff Bigas in the Pros (Thanks for the correction goes to Matt Ward.  And it’s the last check.  OMG awesome), and you even get to see Steve Panarelli throw a one handed behind the back kayak on a West Genny kid.  And yes, he lands the check and de-twigs the kid.  You know it’s Panarelli because he’s a Daler for life and loved rocking a pink head.  Thanks to Dave Madeira for the find!  Excellent stuff!


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