Big Hit GIF And A Goal: Loyola Vs Duke Photos


Craig Chase took in Loyola’s dismantling of Duke from Ridley Athletic Complex and sent over these fantastic game photos! For the “how and why” on Loyola’s big win, check out this post. I break down the four big things that led to Loyola looking so darn good!

Loyola won the game 14-7, but the real winners are us!

Big hit by Duke, BIGGER goal by Loyola:

duke loyola lacrosse gif

A REALLY Good Crowd Was On Hand:

Duke Loyola Lacrosse

I Love A Good Wrap Check:

Duke Loyola Lacrosse

I Did NOT Trip Him:

Duke Loyola Lacrosse

I Swear:

Duke Loyola Lacrosse

There Was Even Some Nature:

Canadian Goose

And A Good Handshake After The Game:

Duke Loyola Lacrosse

Thanks to Mr. Chase for the excellent photos, and to CBS Sports for broadcasting the game on TV LIVE on Sunday night. Thanks to the players from both teams for putting on a show! They’re both still contenders, and the season is only getting better and more competitive from here. Things are looking up in lacrosse land. Basketball is almost over! Rejoice.

A lot of Luke Duprey love in this post, huh?