Breaking News: Stevenson Out At Colorado


Lacrosse All Stars has learned that University of Colorado Head Coach Pete Stevenson was fired this morning. Assistant Coach Mike Ryder will take over as the interim Head Coach.

Stevenson was hired last fall to coach the Buffs. In his introductory press release he was quoted saying:

“I am very excited about the opportunity to be the next coach at the University of Colorado,” said Stevenson. “I look forward to building on what Coach Galvin has built these last few years in Boulder.”

NewsTeamBoulder interviewed Stevenson early in the season and he talked about his coaching style:

However, after an early season win over D2 Northern Colorado, the team has struggled with a 2-4 overall record. In recent weeks the Buffs are reeling following 3 consecutive losses to Utah, LMU, and Chapman.

The first test for new interim Head Coach Mike Ryder is a rivalry game against Colorado State this Saturday, April 3rd at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park Stadium.

Stevenson declined to comment for this story but mentioned via Twitter that he will be moving back to his native Utah where he coached at BYU and Orem High School.

More on the story as it develops.

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  1. This is a bad move by the players. Stevenson had officially been on board at CU for what? 3 months? He didn't coach them in a fall ball, he never had a chance to recruit, he was going into another coach's system and trying to win over a group of seniors that he would work with for a total of 3 months. Yeah, they lost a couple games they should have won, but CU was expected to drop this year. Last year they rode to Semi-finals on the back of one of the best goaltenders in the history of the MCLA. You can't easily replace that kind of leadership. Let's also not forget that at this time last year we were having similar conversations about CU not being up to snuff.

    They lost to:
    Michigan State
    Florida State

    It wasn't like this was a perennial powerhouse that has crumbled. This was the type of season they were going to have with or without Stevenson at the helm.

    To fire a Coach with a winning track record and only 3 months of working with the team is very selfish of the senior leadership of the team, and doesn't bode well for the future of CU Lacrosse.

    • Complete lack of judgement on the teams part. Coaching change mid-season is almost the most idiotic idea ever. There must have been a conflict of interest. Pure speculation on my part, but I doubt that he would be fired over the losses, but maybe the players didnt agree with his ideals, coaching methods, or his leadership style.

      As players we will generally give an older coach respect because we believe he doesnt have to do anything prove to us, or the mere fact that he has been with it so long earns him immediate respect. Younger coaches however have to earn respect one day at a time. With the change of that position, the coaching styles and personalities were a drastic contrast, as a player its hard to cope with that. anyway i assume it has less to do with the win/loss record, but more to do with a conflict of interest…

      • maybe this is too far off the beaten path, but i also wonder if it had anything to do with expectations…a picture is worth a thousand words, and i distinctly coach stevensons old look…(only by the one where he looks hard nosed and bald. i remember thinking that guy is pure bad ass a man that commands recent pictures he kinda looks like a character from fiddler on the roof. (not thats theres anything wrong with “tradition”.) I wonder if they assumed the coach they hired was the hard nosed guy in the picture. like i said…possibly too far off the beaten path…

  2. While I've seen coaches fired for less, the midseason firing is always a surprise. Guess it might make the position more attractive to other coaches in that they KNOW it's available but I don't know… unless there's something CRAZY going on, I wouldn't do it this way. But of course, that's just me.

    Do we think Ryder will take over the team? Will be interesting to see what happens next year and in the meantime, it will be even more interesting to see how the Buffs do the rest of the way.

  3. Probably not. Ryder doesn't appear to much experience. And anyways, he was part of Stevenson's staff that had him on his way out after just 3 months. If Coach Stevenson couldn't keep his team in line and with his assistant at his side, how do you think the #2 man is going to do at the top spot.

  4. I don't get why anyone would move anywhere to 'work' for an MCLA team (with maybe a few exceptions i.e. Michigan, BYU). You are at the mercy of college students and you are making next to nothing. Why would you do that to yourself and your family?! If you truly have ambitions to coach hold out for a Division 3 job or coach your local high school. At least at those places you answer to administrators and have some semblance of job security. All it takes is a group of students to get together and say, hey we don't like coaches personality, coaching style, etc., let's dump him.

    • hold out for a div. 3 coaching job?…they dont hand those out like candy. as in any career u have to have a decent resume to get a job.. Coach Stevenson loves lacrosse. Coach Stevenson doesnt have a wife or kids. Seems pretty logical to me that in order to build up a resume to get a job at maybe a division three level, he would grab hold of the oppurtunities presented him. Someone who has true ambitions to coach takes risks to do what he loves. Dont kid urself by thinking that a high school coach has more reputation and prestige than an mcla program like colorado, on the west coast.

      • According to his twitter, Pete does in fact have 2 daughters. Not sure about the wife situation. That is what makes this move even more ludicrous by the players. 2 months before the start of the spring season CU STILL didn't have a head coach. Coach Stevenson took a risk on THEM! He left his daughters and his job in Utah (obviously where his heart is judging by the video) and came out to lead the Buffs when nobody else was stepping in.

        This is how they repay him? Pretty jacked up, and like 412 mentioned, a cautionary tale for any perspective CU coaching candidates. This is turning into an Arizona situation. Run coach after coach out until each of the players have their ego sufficiently stroked, even if that leads to the demise of the program.

        This is why people look down upon the MCLA. This IS what beer leagues do. This is what separates the great teams year in and year out, coaching stability. (CSU, BYU, Michigan, FSU, ASU). Want to be viewed as a second class MCLA program? Let the players make coaching changes on a whim.

        As someone mentioned on the CollegeLax forums the Inmates are clearly running the Asylum in Colorado.

        • Running out coach after coach? Galvin was there for 6 years before Stevenson was hired. Was he let go of prematurely? Maybe, but it's not as if its a revolving door of coaches. AND i don't think it was on a whim. CU has too much talent to be losing games to UNH, Utah and LMU (no offense to any of those teams). To not practice for 5 days before playing Utah ( which was the case) and come out and lose in unacceptable. That school expects to be in the tournament every year and be a top level team. Ask John Paul when the last time he gave his guys 5 days off before playing a game against a ranked team was? Yes, the players should be putting in work on these days off, but team concepts can't be reviewed and implemented without practice. I think the performance of last year, and the players opinions of what they can accomplish this year was not matched by the intensity and results that they had seen under that coaching regime, which lead to this change. Like everyone else said, only time will tell. In addition, the administration for club sports let go of coach stevenson, not the “inmates”. There is a process to go through, its not just kids saying “you're fired”

        • It is true this is bad for the MCLA, but I do not blame the players first. Players do what players do: they act irrationally and in what they believe is in the best interest of the team. When I was a player I had some pretty crazy hair-up-my-ass theories on how to help the team, it is funny to think about them now.

          The real villains here are university Club Sports administrators. If they continue to have laissez-faire opinions and operating procedures in regard to large and highly visible club sports teams, then their universities will be viewed as you read above: bush league, beer league, second-rate, etc. This situation speaks a lot to me about the University of Colorado, though it shouldn't come to that. I know they have a fine university, but it is a shame to see administrator's continued ignorance and/or flippant attitudes toward club sports programs, especially elite ones like the CU Men's Lacrosse team.

          Best of luck to CU moving forward.

          Best of luck to Stevenson, seems like the odd man out in a truly awkward situation.

  5. Wow! Really too bad about Coach Stevenson. I suspect that there is more going on than just the wins/losses. Mid-season, some of the toughest games still ahead. Michigan, CSU, BYU, etc. . I don't think after getting rid of Pete they are going to go undefeated the rest of the season. Maybe a win against Wyoming(Sorry).

    Plus echoing what's been said before. Every organization has laws and by-laws, and behind the scences folks that get involved. DIII has the NCAA and school admins. high school has governing bodies, out here in Cali. it's the CIF, not to mention parents who coaches answer to. To the point, the decision to fire him from the standpoint of wins/losses just doesn't add up.

    I played with Pete at the Y. Great guy. He was pretty mellow, and chill, but also very determined. Pretty sure he's about the same, except for the beard. Pete if your reading this, thanks for hooking me up with Johnny Cash tunes on the Texas road trip.

  6. Did they buy our his contract? Did he leave with a big “golden parachute”? My guess is that he is a man that really loved lacrosse and was willing to take a risk.

    I can't speculate on why the decision was made. Unless it involved egregious behavior, however, it is not appropriate to have a press release announcing that someone was “fired.” I have been CEO and Chairman of two public companies, and normally what I see is something much more like: “he resigned to pursue other interests” or “there was a disagreement over the direction of the …”

    Early in my career, I was told by a man I admired – a dean of the bar and a former Rhode Scholar – “you were correct, but did you have to embarass the man?” He was right.

    To my first point above, it does not sound like the coach was being compensated enough to warrant a headline announcing that he was “fired'. Whether or not the decision was right, or hard, the team members may look back and consider whether they handled it in a fair manner – particularly as they become managers or experience similar events in their own careers.