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Me coaching, and one of our players, Jarred, helping me out

It’s been awhile since I’ve logged into LAS and laid down some script. SO, let me see if I still got it.

The guys were kind enough to put this together for me. Looking at this makes me anxious for King Cake.

Mardi Gras colors

Growth – It’s a good thing. When someone presents you with the opportunity, whether big or small, to do something for our sport, please don’t say “no.”

Recruitment season has been in full force the past couple months. Much like a college coach who seeks out star players to tell them about their program and school, I seek out freshmen and sophomores who have never heard about lacrosse to tell them how awesome it is. Somehow, this video gets thrown around a lot.

Slow-mo faceoff gets me everytime.

Dutchvegas Lax had a recruitment meeting at the very end of August, and a Parent’s meeting at the end of September. Leaps were made in our program at both meetings. In our second year of existence, we nearly doubled the amount of players from last year, so we can field a JV and Varsity for 2011. And parent’s actually stepped up to the plate to do work.

Unreal. Last year, the parents did more than we ever expected of them. But this year, we got a new group of Type-A Board Members who want to make stuff happen, and they want to make it happen today.

I didn’t think this would be happening for another 2-3 years. From my experience, it takes a few years for lacrosse to be recognized as a “real” sport, at which point you can then get parents to believe in your program. The jump in the roster size and parent involvement had this effect on my brain:

I’ve never complained about getting new people into lacrosse, and probably never will. But do you remember when you first picked up a stick? Just like your first time golfing, you probably sucked hard.

We held our first mandatory practice a couple weeks ago, aimed primarily at the new guys and teaching them the basics.

Our season starts in January with the Sugar Bowl Classic, so we had to get sticks in their hands now. Thanks to one of our Type-A Board Members for snapping these beautiful shots.

Teaching basic defense
Teaching more Defense
Water Break - it was hot
Stick protection with one of our newer coaches - Kevin Andries
Where to look when you're moving the ball
Me coaching, and one of our players, Jarred, helping me out

Let me tell you something about this kid, Jarred Hatfield. Very few people on the planet are as enthusiastic about lax as this guy. Something about his graduating class – they’re all lax rats. His stick is literally glued to his hands.

If there’s a player practice or a player’s only meeting, chances are Jarred, Dalton, or Tyler are the ones behind it. Jarred forces new guys to go out to the field with him, so he can get his work in, but also do some coaching. Makes my job easier.

Jarred Hatfield

He embraces the lax culture – he reads the websites, watches the videos, wears the mid-calves, and forces the ignorant to sign up to play. And if you’re reading this page right now, I’m assuming you know there’s a distinct lax culture, and I’m hoping you know (or at least assume) how hard it is to get new players in Louisiana. Jarred has been a big part of why our roster has doubled.


More lax news:

– Mandeville High School’s head coach, Gregg Spyridon, has begun chemotherapy to battle bladder cancer. Please keep him, his family, and the Mandeville Lacrosse team in your prayers.

UL-Louisiana has fielded a lacrosse team. Remember that time I said “Growth – it’s a good thing”?

This Dutchbro goalie went to Shorter on a lacrosse scholarship after only one year of playing lacrosse. He’s being red shirted this year, but got some action in the Fall Ball scrimmage.

Matt Alexis - Redshirt Freshman Goalie

– LSU Lacrosse had tryouts this year, and had talent represented from all over the country. East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coast were all represented. This Dutchbro made the team.

– Speaking of Dutchbro, did you get your shirt yet?

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