Cajun’s Corner – The Announcement


In what is certainly a bittersweet decision, I have decided to step down as Head Coach of the Dutchtown Lacrosse Club.

In the midst of our 2011 campaign, we were kicked off of our practice field, and relocated to another field. A couple weeks ago, we were kicked off that field. Finally, we found a field where we actually have permission to practice.

Problem is that field doesn’t have lights, and puts my commute at over an hour. The Board of Dutchtown was prepared to pay for a field with lights closer to Baton Rouge, just for me. That’s thousands of dollars. I can’t let that happen, especially when we have coaches ready and available to make the move out to the new field for free.

Ryan Empson, the other coach of Dutchtown who has been there since Day 1, will be taking over as Head Coach. I will be around to help them out when I can, but I am also pursuing an opportunity elsewhere…

For the 2012 season, I will be an Assistant Coach and Recruiter with my alma mater, Louisiana State University.

How do I feel about coaching and recruiting in the MCLA?

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Meetings have been going down. Work has been going down. Recruitment has been going down. Forming a parent, alumni, volunteer Booster Club has already begun. Preparing for the 2012 season has begun.

Yes, pushing LSU to the next level is quite a challenge. I love challenges. Mark my words, over the next few years, you will see drastic improvements in the LSU Lacrosse program.


Now THIS is special

Click below to watch the Alabama-Mississippi High School All Star game. Better believe I’ll be recruiting in that neck of the woods.

The Alabama High School scene trumps anything else in the region as far as growing the game goes. Where is Texas’s coverage of their All-Star game?  Do they even have one?  For that matter, I had to crawl all over the internet (read also: to get a copy of their THSLL All State/Conference/Honorable Mention honors.

Growing by 10 teams in one year, promoting the sport to kids starting at age 6, broadcasting their All Star game… Alabama is killing us.  Looks like I have work to do!


In Other News

Team Quick Stick travels to Birmingham for their first tournament of the club season. Jarred Hatfield will be there. Follow him.

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