Cajun’s Corner – The Dutchtown Season Begins


The 2011 season for Dutchtown began last weekend, and I’ve already lost 10 years off my life.  We opened our season against the defending state champs, St. Thomas More, located in Lafayette, La. This is Dutchtown’s second year to ever have a team, so opening the season against what is arguably the state’s best team was obviously going to be a challenge. The game could have easily slipped out of our hands and been a crushing loss.

Luckily, that didn’t happen. While we still lost, we played toe to toe with STM. Our scouting report was pretty accurate. Despite our preparation, our defense wasn’t able to handle Ashton Langlinais‘s and Saban Seller‘s onslaught. Our offense faired pretty well, adjusting to the different looks their defense gave us, by changing sets on the fly.

In the end, stupid penalties got the best of us, and ultimately cost us the game.

Photos courtesy of Dale Shank

Final score: 17-12. The most impressive part of STM’s win over us was their sportsmanship. Great players, great coaches. Can’t say enough about STM’s program.

Overall impression: Very proud of the team’s performance in the opening game. Obvious thing to work on is stopping the penalties.

Next game Recap – Captain Shreve, from Shreveport, Louisiana.

Wait, you played two varsity games in one day? But…why?

Travel expenses for start up clubs suck. A trip from Prairieville to Shreveport would be right around 4 hours, and there’s no way we could afford hotel accommodations. STM was kind enough to host a game for Shreve and Dutchtown, since Lafayette proves to be the middle ground of the state.

In the first three quarters, Dutchtown came out flatter than a one sided pancake. It was embarassing, to be honest. Passes, catches, slides that we would normally execute with relative ease, were sailing away from us. At the end of 3, Shreve led 6-1.

Gut check time.

It’s a fact, everyone will dig themselves into a hole.  And there’s two types of people in this world – those who will realize they’re in a hole, do work, and climb out.  And those who will think, “this grave looks pretty comfortable,” and roll over and die in it.

Before the 4th quarter began, I challenged the kids to think about what type of person they were. I guess something set in.

I’ve never seen a rally quite like this one. All of a sudden, our middies and attack ignited like gasoline, tallying goal after goal, yet still remaining patient with the ball in their sticks. With 0:26 left on the clock in the fourth, Dutchtown scored the game winning goal.

The final seconds ticked down, with a Shreve shot and a save by our goalie, Ryan Huguenel. Literally, he saved the game. The final horn blew, and the goalie launched the ball in the air. The team stormed the field.

Final: 8-7.

Overall impression: An emotional win, and a true testament that there is no defense to guard Heart. True grit and spirit won that game – not skill. That being said, I never want to be in that position again. Ever.

How do you celebrate? By moving it like Bernie.



Upon investigation, I’ve discovered that the Bernie very well could have originated in Shreveport, La. See the gold building in tbe background at 1:36?

That’s the Horseshoe Casino and hotel.


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Pics from FSU vs Texas? Pics from FSU vs Texas.

St. Paul’s this week. Can we stop the Drake Arnold, Chris Dill, and JP Meibaum show?