Casey Powell Takes Over at St. Andrew’s


I got a heads up from one of our excellent readers and did a quick check and it’s all true.  Legendary laxer, Casey Powell, will take over the reins of the St. Andrew’s Boys’ Lacrosse Team in Boca Raton, FL.  He takes over the best program in the South from Jeff Goldberg, who ran the program at the highest levels for almost 2 decades.  Powell brings that instant credibility factor where the kids will all respect him immediately.  Even the most involved parents will have to stand back and let Casey run the show because for a long time, he was lacrosse.

At only 34 years old, he could keep St. Andrew’s at the top for a long time but that of course begs the question, can he coach?  I’ll offer up an emphatic yes right away even though he won’t take over right away.  There will be an interim head coach for at least this season as Casey will still be playing for the Boston Blazers in the NLL.  Back to what could be…  Casey Powell loves lacrosse and he loves building quality relationships with people.  Those two character traits combined with a lacrosse IQ that rivals anyone ever and a school with all of the resources in the world will result in more wins and more State Championships.  Can’t wait to see these guys play the Hill Academy led by Brodie Merrill… Hey Casey, first act as the Chief Director of Sweet Lax Operations?  Let’s get that on the schedule.


  1. I grew up @ Wantagh , Long Island wathcing the growth of Lacrosse. Now live in Atlanta suburb with a son, McIntosh HS Senior (Peachtree City), 6’5″ who is an avid lacrosse player. Lacrosse is so HOT in the south. It is the fastest growing sport and recreation to Elite teams are sprouting everywhere. It does not surprise me that one of the Powell brothers would take that open position. Lacrosse in the south is going to dominate the future. Weather conditions are perfect for year round playing. Many Yankees like our family have relocated south bringing the sport here with experienced coaches. My son has been coach for the last 6 yrs by Lacrosse Hall of Fame player, Pete Cramblet (also West Point/Army All American) who is also from Long Island…Huntington…heard of that town?
    Best wishes to Casey Powell and St Andrew’s team
    Joann Bennett
    Peachtree City, GA

    • my understanding (which could be wrong) is that head coach position is only a part of the director of lacrosse’s responsibilities. As the Director, CP will probably be reponsible for Middle School, JV, freshman programs, summer camps, fall/winter, etc. as well. Basically overseeing the entire boys’ lacrosse world at St. A’s. Not just the “big dogs” during the spring. I believe the title is the same as what Goldberg had when he was there. It is a more comprehensive position that just “coach”.

      Someone in the know, please correct me if I misunderstood how it works.

      • Nope. Goldberg was Head Coach. Fall Ball and summer league in Florida (by FHSAA rules) is a separate club, not part of the school program. Dawson is still being referred to as “Interim Head Coach,” which suggests that the Head Coach slot is still open. Since Powell is still playing NLL during the spring season, and has spring clinics scheduled on his website, it remains to be seen what he’ll have time for at the school…

        • yeah, my parentheses comment proved to be pretty accurate… in that I was wrong! ha.

          I could see CP becoming the head coach next season. wouldn’t be surprised if this was his last in the NLL.

          I know Goldberg still has his summer/select/fall programs but I could see CP doing a similar thing and using some of the St. A’s resources to do so like fields, etc. This seems like a transition style hiring, right? like CP will ease into running the whole show slowly. I still think this is a big pick up for the Scots.

  2. this is pretty nuts. My roommate is from boca and i have played at that school before. They have a nationally recognized program already and it looks like they are trying to make it even bigger. I know that casey has helped out at Cortland State and lives in florida for his indoor gig. Good luck