College Lacrosse Video Explosion

loyola virginia lacrosse 2014
Photo Credit: Craig Chase

The College Lacrosse season is upon us, and while every team out there hasn’t played a game yet (NCAA D3 NESCAC teams don’t start practice for 5 more days), plenty of teams have seen game action, and others are putting up solid preseason video. That means one thing: It’s time for a Video Explosion!

Photo Credit: Craig Chase

Mercer Takes Down Boston University

Hopkins takes down OSU in Triple OT

Richmond vs UVA Highlights

Denver vs Air Force – Full Game!

or highlights…

CAC (NCAA D3) Preseason Show

Mount St. Mary’s Preview

UMass Preview

Cornell Media Day

Furman Vs Lehigh Video

Furman Vs Queens Scrimmage Video

Texas State Tops TCU (MCLA)

Phew! What a weekend of action, and what a week of video! It’s going to be a great 2014 season. You can feel it already.


  1. I remember the days where the only available info on college lax was the sunday morning paper, I’m talking just the final scores….no box score, no stats, no info or game summary. To see this kind of instant media now is just startling, the sport is about to take another leap.

  2. Staff,

    Enjoyed the post and watching all the film provided. From a player prospective; I can learn a ton from the recent explosion of video. Now I can go on YouTube and watch my favorite player(s), learn a new dodge/shot, etc. Not only can I refer to YouTube, but Twitter, Instagram, and Vine are now exploding with lacrosse content. It seems everday I am learning something new by simply scrolling through social media.

    “Grow The Game” is preached throughout the country. The explosion of video is a tool that can be used for current players, but as well as people of interest. The best game in the world will continue to grow on social media. The main product that would help the game grow is more televised games. Yes, ESPNU and other networks provide coverage from time to time. But I do not believe it is enough coverage. Their needs to be more lacrosse on Sportscenter in the morning, enough to catch more viewers attention. Do you believe more coverage on ESPN could be a game changer, in the growing of the game?