College Lacrosse Video Explosion: Was This Hit Legal?


We will open things up with a buddy pass that turned into a vicious hit. But was it LEGAL? We’re interested to hear what you guys think…

Leave a comment at the bottom if you feel strongly either way!

Photo Credit: Craig Chase (for more Hop – Loyola photos, video, and GIFs, click here!)

Ok, now we move on to game highlights, and we have a ton of them! All the best footage, from all the big games, all in one place. Just what you need for a Tuesday in May!


Thompsons Put On Another Show

Loyola Wins Patriot Over Lehigh

Penn Tops Harvard for Ivy Title

Drexel Tops Hofstra in 3 OTs for CAA Bid

Richmond is Dancing in YEAR ONE!

Bryant Tops Hobart For NEC Title

Syracuse Tops Colgate

Duke Tops BU 16-11. BU is looking up:

Denver Topped Rutgers in the Big East Semis

Notre Dame 18 – Army 17… Seriously


RIT Tops Union For Liberty Title

Emmanuel Wins GNAC


  1. Illegal hit. Hit high, and hands rode up to the neck and head. Body checking technique used to be taught, but the new focus on concussion prevention has led to many players being taught to avoid body contact, so you see a lot more of these types of hits.

  2. I say legal. Shoulder and bottom hand to side of the chest, hands were 12″ apart but the portion of shaft in between the hands did not make significant contact.

    there’s no such thing as a defenseless player in college lacrosse. find the term in the NCAA rulebook…

    potential to be called for 1 minute unnecessary roughness but i think the hit was clean, so how can it be penalized for being “too hard”. Unnecessary Roughness is almost a tack-on call to a bad push from behind.

    potential to be 1 minute for cross checking if you think that that was where the meat of the contact was made. I say it was made from the shoulder and the bottom hand.

  3. This is what we need in lacrosse. This wasn’t exactly a textbook hit, but I’m sick and tired of seeing gorgeous shoulder to chest hits being flagged for unnecessary roughness. It’s absolutely absurd. In no way do I want to take away from the speed and skill of the game, but if someone happens to get leveled, it should be legal! And enough of this defenseless player bullshit. If you have the ball, you’re fair game. It’s your responsibility to have your head up. This is lacrosse, not soccer.?