College Lacrosse Video Explosion: Was This Hit Legal?

0 - Published May 6, 2014 by in College, Featured, NCAA

We will open things up with a buddy pass that turned into a vicious hit. But was it LEGAL? We’re interested to hear what you guys think…

Leave a comment at the bottom if you feel strongly either way!

Photo Credit: Craig Chase (for more Hop – Loyola photos, video, and GIFs, click here!)

Ok, now we move on to game highlights, and we have a ton of them! All the best footage, from all the big games, all in one place. Just what you need for a Tuesday in May!


Thompsons Put On Another Show

Loyola Wins Patriot Over Lehigh

Penn Tops Harvard for Ivy Title

Drexel Tops Hofstra in 3 OTs for CAA Bid

Richmond is Dancing in YEAR ONE!

Bryant Tops Hobart For NEC Title

Syracuse Tops Colgate

Duke Tops BU 16-11. BU is looking up:

Denver Topped Rutgers in the Big East Semis

Notre Dame 18 – Army 17… Seriously


RIT Tops Union For Liberty Title

Emmanuel Wins GNAC


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