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And the winner of this week’s Lax All Stars Comment of the Week goes to…

Guest for his heads up on BYU using Reebok 10K gloves in 2011.  You love great content, we love great comments. Winner winner chicken dinner, this one had it all!

12.10 LAS Comment Of The Week

Editor’s note: Yo, Guest! Hit us up at with your t-shirt size and mailing address. You just got yourself a Grow The Game tee!


This one comes from 412ville, and it’s just as good, but the commenter chose to remain completely anonymous.  Too bad! Pretty much spot on, actually. In reference to Sleeveless in Sin Cityanonymous says…

12.10 LAS Comment Of The Week

Next time sign in THEN comment, so we can reward your excellence!

What happened next? No, he didn't get sleeves.

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