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Hot Pot Of Lax: Jim Halpert Brings His Lacrosse Stick To Work

Last night I was watching The Office just like I do almost ever Thursday night, when all of the sudden the one and only Jim Halpert showed up onscreen with a lacrosse stick. My jaw dropped and the thought raced through my head instantly, “of course Jim’s a laxer!”

The usual Dwight Schrute/Jim feud had been going all episode. In an attempt to get back at Dwight, Jim loaded his lacrosse stick with a snowball and went Schrute hunting in the office. Check out the clip below!

I’ve often thought that with 30 Rock and The Office, there really is no better hour of  prime time television. Now I know it’s true. That was just a great sight to see.

All video credit goes to my new iPhone 4, which will now go down in history as the best gadget purchase I’ve ever made.


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