Daily Cheese: Canadian Box Action


Up in Canadia-land, the Mann Cup Finals are just getting started.  The Mann Cup is a club team championship tournament where many of the best boxla clubs go at it for the annual trophy.  Teams pick up some of the best NLL players, stack their rosters and take it very seriously.  The action is always good and the intensity  is unbeatable.   Peterborough took down New Westminster in Game 1.  NW came back and took game 2 behind a superhuman effort from John Tavares.  Links below!

We’ve got highlights of Game 1 below:



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  1. The Mann Cup looks awesome to attend…but can someone explain how you play defense? Some of the picks look like they are just running up and cross-checking the defenders
    My dream vacation-the sports world tour:
    Mann Cup
    Lax Final Four
    Lax World Cup
    SEC football game
    Rugby World Cup
    Liverpool game
    Various other Euro soccer games
    Russian hockey league game
    Any crucial additions?