Dirty Hidden Ball Trick: Robert Morris vs. Notre Dame


Robert Morris scrimmaged Notre Dame over the weekend and ran the hidden ball trick to perfection.  We have the play on video from the beginning of the whistle, and the two players never exchange the ball… which means?  They exchanged the ball BEFORE the whistle ever blew, and the RMU player may have started the play WITH possession INSIDE the restraining box.  Or he was just outside.  The two players are pretty close to each other, so we don’t think it was an illegal restart, but it’s possible.  We’d love a ref to speak up on that rule interpretation!

Either way, it’s run to absolute perfection.  I had to watch it three times just to figure out what was going on.  But that’s the point of a hidden ball trick anyway, isn’t it?  Trickeration.  We love it!  Also, RMU ran this on a man up opportunity.  Bonkers?  Perhaps.  Effective?  We’d say so!

So let that be a lesson to every team that plays RMU… they’re tricksy!


Special thanks to Andy Sharp for submitting this video! Got something LAS should see? You know where to find us.


  1. Did they rule it as a goal? The ball must start where the ref tells the goalie where the ball will be blown into play. Faking the location of the ball is illegal when restarting play, as the ball must start where designated by the official blowing in the play, the only way it would be legal is if the ball started at the same location where blown dead or placed after a penalty/time-out situation.