Does Lacrosse Need Instant Replay?


Does Lacrosse Need Instant Replay?


It’s expensive, slows the game down, creates more delays, and coaching involvement in what is supposed to be a player’s game, and missed calls RARELY impact games.

Lacrosse is NOWHERE near ready for instant replay. There aren’t enough cameras at games. Not every team has a camera crew. It makes natural site games a night mare. The list goes on and on. Then you get to the issue that it is not required to keep the game “pure” in any way, it would be a huge added cost, and as we can see from the NFL’s example, it hardly fixes all the problems out there.

The refs out there make mistakes sometimes, but we all do, as we’re human. Sports are not about getting it right ALL THE TIME (because that is literally impossible), they are about reacting to adversity and overcoming the odds to win. That’s what life is about, and that’s what sports are about. Refs are doing their best, and instant replay is a slap in their face at this point, because it just assumes machines and reviews will be better for the game without any real review.

This is a NON-issue. Don’t let them fool you into thinking it’s real.

Does Lacrosse Need Instant Replay?


  1. Lacrosse does not need instant replay for referees, BUT it would sometimes helpful at games or on TV whenever somebody scores. In my experience, at high school games, many people don’t even see the ball go in the net, and are generally confused. Instant replay could help THIS issue, but challenging calls and reviewing tape on calls would be just too much.

  2. IF it were to be added, and that’s a big if, I think it should be used like in hockey where it is used ONLY to confirm or deny goals. There have been a couple cases that I have seen in the mll where the commentators play a replay the looks like a shot barely stings the corner of the net and then bounces out, and the refs say it hit pipe. This might not be an issue in college lacrosse, but having the ability to look back on a shot and see that it is or isn’t a goal would be a great tool for referees. That being said, it would slow down the game. It is not needed for penalty calls.

  3. Although it slows the game down, it is a win-win siuation to have it up and running during games. I do think it should only be used to decide between goals/no goals. The Maryland v. Yale game was a perfect example this weekend how it could be beneficial to our game. If its available why aren’t we utilizing it??

  4. A big reason I don’t think lacrosse needs replay is it would go against their current goal-speeding up the game. While replay would correct errors, which is good, replay would add a lot of stoppage time. This again would change the whole speed/dynamics of the sport.

    Like others have said, I am okay with replay limited in the MLL possibly. I agree, only for goals and 1/2 pointers much like the NBA can do too. Overall, I do not think it is needed. The refs, almost make some mistakes, do a pretty good job.