Dr. Lou’s Lax Link-O-Rama


Lax Link-o-rama

Now now, there were a whole lotta good lax links that went down this week. Connor covered a few yesterday in his “Sayonara Sucker” post as he ran off to Miami to bask in the sun, and many others were included in our new Daily Cheese installment.

That said, I do have a few more to throw down. But first I just think we all need to sit back and reflect on our lives a little. Listen to what the doctor prescribes.

Dr. Lou’s 3 Rules For Life

Brilliant stuff, eh?

Now for that linkage.

If you’re a Maverik player, you’re known as a Soldier. So with his Syracuse roots, we might as well call Dan Hardy an Orange Soldier. Yesterday Maverik released another Soldier Exposed video featuring. We can’t embed it, so we’ll link to it. Watch it and then go customize some cake Maybach gloves while you’re at it.

Speaking of Maverik athletes, there’s another new Paul Rabil/Under Armour commercial out. Seems similar to the Soldier clips, but I digress. Give it whirl:

Lately I hate Ohio State (don’t tell Brett) because of the Rose Bowl, but you gotta show respect where respect is due – here’s the Ohio State lacrosse preview written by Sean Burns at IL.

Also from the D1 ranks, Loyola named their 2010 captains, Adam Sear of the Maryland Terps was named to the Australian National Team (he gives a great interview), and the Yale women’s team has turned its upcoming clinic into a fundraiser for Haiti Relief.

On the left coast, in Northern California, the Southern Marin Lacrosse Club will be hosting their annual “February Face Off” for U-15 boys and girls, Feb. 6-7.

Chapman announced the addition of 4 new transfers from NCAA teams. Trouble is, we just found this article but have no clue if it happened this week or 4 months ago. There’s no date. Still, good for Chappy.

Still getting hitting the gym getting as swoll as you can before practice starts up? Read and absorb Kyle Devitte’s 5 rules for lacrosse players at the gym. A nice compliment to Crave’s Winter Workout Survival Guide.

Collegelax recently interviewed Zach Burke, a midfielder from the University of Dayton. Funny thing is we interviewed him to. Scratch that. We enjoyed a Fireside Chat with him. It will post next week and no secrets here – we think it’s better. Just sayin.


I know you miss Connor, but cut me some slack. At least you had the chance to be inspired by Dr. Lou.

But seriously. Thanks for reading. Thanks for coming back to LaxAllStars.com every single day. Trust me and the entire LAS team when we say that 2010 is going to be like no other.

Right now there is a giant pig in the pig roaster at LAS HQ. We’re cooking it for you and you and you and you. There will be plenty of pork to go around. If you’re interested in giving it a taste test, email me at jeff@lacrosseallstars.com. You can see if you like the flavor.

Peace, love, and enjoy every sandwich.