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First Lacrosse NFT Collection: Wes Berg, NCAA Championship Edition

Wes Berg - First Lacrosse NFT Collection

Pro lacrosse star Wes Berg and the creative team at MSN Lazer recently teamed up to release the first lacrosse NFT collection. The collection commemorates Berg’s 2015 NCAA Championship run at University of Denver. Not familiar with NFTs yet? No problem! To put it simply, this collection of digital art from Wes Berg and MSN […]

Top 20 Lacrosse Destinations – Where You Have To Go

top 20 lacrosse destinations

Lacrosse events across the world were cancelled in 2020 in the wake of the pandemic, marking the first summer that many of us “lifetime players” went lacrosse-less for years, if not decades. There’s no time like the present to add these top 20 lacrosse destinations for adult lacrosse to your bucket list! Folks like PrimeTime […]

Play Box: 5 Ways Indoor Lacrosse Can Help Your Field Game

LASNAI 2016, Day 3 - Box Lacrosse Tournaments

You love field lacrosse. It’s the lacrosse you’ve known your whole life, and there’s nothing better than walking out to a fresh field of green in your cleats knowing an intense game is about to begin. So, if you’re already so dedicated to field, why play box lacrosse? Box and field are both versions of […]

The Players You’ll Meet at Every Tournament

Regina Heat players - Ales Hrebesky Memorial 2015 box lacrosse tournament

Every lacrosse player has his or her quirks. Some size-to-strength to skill-to-speed, everyone plays in a way that feels the most right to them. But at every tournament, you’ll meet similar types of lacrosse players, and it can’t be escaped. It doesn’t matter what you do, it doesn’t matter where you go – whether it’s […]

Top Rule Differences Between Box and Field Lacrosse


Box and field are both lacrosse, but that doesn’t mean they’re carbon copies. There are many rule differences between box and field, and they can fundamentally change how the game is played. Sure, you’re still throwing a ball into a net with a strung stick, but the movements, the schemes, and the philosophies can all […]

Tips for Lacrosse Weekend Warriors

primetime lacrosse high school fall brawl

It can be overwhelming to plan for a lax weekend, especially without experience. That’s why we’ve put together these five important tips for lacrosse weekend warriors that will help you best prepare for what might come your way. Whether you’re gearing up for the Nantucket Lacrosse Festival or Lake George National Invitational hosted by PrimeTime […]

Building a Box Goalie: 5 Steps to Protect the Net

Angus Goodleaf Rochester Knighthawks NLL box lacrosse goalie Photo: Khoi Ton

Building a box goalie can be a tough task if you aren’t well versed in the trade. It’s a different animal from field goalie, and there’s a lot to keep track of when you’re the last line of defense in box lacrosse. If you’ve never played box goalie before, it can be daunting. What should […]

PrimeTime’s creativity gets players seen

college coaches care package

Our partners at PrimeTime Lacrosse in New England just surprised this westerner with something pretty special. They sent me the same care package they’re delivering to college coaches across the country. The creativity is impressive, to say the least. The contents inside made my day, or should I say “movie night?” It included everything a coach needs to […]

Hand Crafted Sticks: Way More Meaningful

hand crafted sticks by powell lacrosse

We recently caught up with our partners at Powell Lacrosse to learn more about what the company has been up to, and the LaxAllStars staff was blown away by the hand crafted sticks Ryan Powell and his team have been releasing in the Powell Woodshop. Lacrosse players know there’s nothing cooler than getting a custom […]

NBC Sports: PLL Championship Series to feature Innovative Production

NBC Sports Gold

With just two days to go until the first game of the PLL Championship Series, NBC Sports and the PLL today announced production innovations for the two-week, 20-game tournament that will provide lacrosse fans with an unmatched viewing experience. NBC Sports production innovations: Player-to-Commentator Communication Player-to-commentator communication is returning for every game of the PLL Championship Series. Multiple […]

I Experienced the Future of College Lacrosse and I Liked It

Colonial Clash - Future of College Lacrosse

This isn’t the story I expected to tell you. I thought I’d be writing about high school club lax. Instead (sorry youngins), I’m about to explain what it was like to meet those actually defining the future of college lacrosse. Before I get started, however, I wanted to take a little prelude and let you […]

Ten Years In Business And Counting

Ten Years In Business - Lacrosse All Stars

New apparel designs by Ryan Beckman! Can you believe Lacrosse All Stars has already spent ten years in business? Time flies when you’re chasing a dream.