Duel In DUMBO: The LOST Footage

Jim Stagnitta Goalie Coach
Jim Stagnitta gave Forrest as much help as he could.

The Duel in DUMBO is said and done. Forrest Lindekens, of the Trilogy Lacrosse office, was declared the winner, and the entire event was a lot of fun. Mitch Belisle was a great sport when we told him that we didn’t capture his original 9-for-10 goal scoring effort, but now, only a few days later, the proof has emerged… it’s LOST Footage time!

Mitch displays a ton of accuracy in Round 1. The guy is just picking corners on Forrest left and right. Well, mostly right. Hopefully, this will provide some reprieve for Mitch as he prepares for another NLL season with Minnesota. We know the ribbing in an NLL locker room can be brutal, but the above video proves Mitch really can score at will on someone who hasn’t played lacrosse in years. It’s a comfort to know that, isn’t it?

Here’s a little more bonus Duel in DUMBO coverage…

Jim Stagnitta Goalie Coach
Jim Stagnitta gave Forrest as much help as he could.
Forrest Lindekens
Forrest taunted Mitch with a JG Jr Around the World sign. Because of the 1:00 mark below:


And in the end… I got paid in footwear:

The cleats are cool. The Trilogy guys are even cooler.

The cleats are just an added bonus really. They had a pair of 11s. I’m an 11. Boom.

I had a great time with the Trilogy guys, whether it was watching the Duel in DUMBO, or talking shop in the office; these guys were fun, passionate, and overall, they are excellent humans. Look for a lot more competitive fun emanating from Trilogy in the coming weeks and months.