Easton Lacrosse helmet gloves

Easton Lacrosse Wall Ball Video Is Legit + Easton NEW Gloves!

1 - Published July 28, 2011 by in Gear

I love this video.  It’s just so… laxy.  Easton Lacrosse may not respond to emails that quickly, and you still can’t buy most of their products unless you KNOW somebody, but that isn’t stopping them from pumping out awesome new lax vids.

Lots of wall ball, lots of NYC action shots and some camera trickery.  Mostly though, it’s just Casey Powell and Bretty Queener showing off their ridiculous stick skills.  Now if Easton would just tell me a little more about these new gloves they’ve been testing out!  Or send me a helmet.  Is that really too much to ask?

Easton Lacrosse helmet gloves

We've seen the lid. Now for the mittens.

Is it just me, or do those gloves LOOK like they go up nice and high on the wrist?  I sure hope they do!  For too long now lax companies have created gloves with shorter and shorter cuffs.  Now Easton looks to be taking a page out of hockey’s playbook.  Since I haven’t actually seen these gloves in person (or the UA gloves for that matter), I can’t really comment on their quality.  But they look interesting… so I guess that’s a start.  Jury is still out on Easton.  Guess they want to be stealthy or something.

A couple more shots after the wall ball vid, even if you’ve already seem them on 412.  Whatever.

Easton lacrosse helmet and gloves SUmmer lax

Looks can be deceiving. I hope these aren't!

Easton lacrosse helmet and gloves SUmmer lax

The facemask still needs some work!

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