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What if you could compare your game to someone who lives two States over? Or how about on the opposite coast? What about comparing yourself to America’s #1 scorer in your age group who plays the same position?

Today, our partner RipNet launched the first ever national leaderboards for high school and middle school boys and girls. Ranked based on scoring data submitted by players using RipNet Performance Technology to improve their game, new RipNet Leaderboards will be released every Wednesday, now through the end of the Spring.

The First National Leaderboards for Scholastic Lacrosse
The First National Leaderboards for Scholastic Lacrosse

The addition of Leaderboards by RipNet represents an interesting milestone for the lacrosse community. These are the first high school rankings I’ve ever seen that don’t skew the results in favor of players from the major hotbeds, where talent grows like ivy, often covering the dirt.

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Visit http://www.rip.net today to sign up for free, then download the mobile app for your iOS or Android device.

See the full RipNet news release below.

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RipNet Devices

RipNet Introduces First National Leaderboards for Scholastic Lacrosse

PENNINGTON, N.J., April 3, 2013 — RipNet Performance Technology, the free goal scoring app and social network for lacrosse, announced today they have published the nation’s first Leaderboards for high school and middle school boys and girls lacrosse players.

All players using RipNet can see where they and their friends stand amongst their peers by position, team level and team. A player’s position on the RipNet Leaderboards is determined by the total number of goals and assists a player has entered into the RipNet system for their 2013 school team. Each player is identified by their name, team, state, photo, and number of goals and assists with a link to that player’s profile containing the player’s club teams, past scoring stats, player information and highlight videos.

More than 10,000 high school and middle school players have joined RipNet so far this year.

The RipNet Leaderboards will be updated and published every Wednesday from now through the end of the Spring season at http://www.rip.net.

Players can get on the RipNet Leaderboards by downloading the free iPhone or Android app or by signing up at http://www.rip.net.


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