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Facing Off With LAXFU’s Tim “The Monster” Goettelmann

Earlier this month LAXFU, a new lacrosse clothing company, announced the signing of Long Island Lizards attackman Tim Goettelmann.

About LAXFU:

As the lacrosse clothing market continues to become saturated with cluttered and overly complex designs attempting to create a trendy image, LAXFU’s mission is to provide high quality apparel with simple, fresh styles that are on par with top tier fashion lines. Our goal is to to help elevate the status of our sport by creating premium lacrosse infused styles.

Mike Dolan, co-founder of LAXFU, dropped us a line about the news and we were pretty impressed. According to Dolan, “We were looking for players that not only made statements on the field, but ones who carried a great presence off of it as well – since that is truly what our brand is about. Tim has just about done it all in lacrosse – he holds some of the more impressive records in the game today. We’re thrilled to have a player of his caliber on board with us as we continue to grow our team of professional players.”

There’s no doubt that picking up an accomplished lacrosse player as an endorser is a great step forward, so we asked Mike if we could snag an interview with Tim Goettelmann. We wanted to get his take on LAXFU’s products and get the lowdown on his time in the MLL. Below is our conversation:

LAS: Tim “The Monster” Goettelmann, how did you get your nickname?

Goettelmann: The nickname “The Monster” was given to me by Pat McCabe, a teammate from the Long Island Lizards. During every practice, Pat, a defenseman on our team would always have to guard me. One particular time, our coach asked Pat to push me out and he responded “I can’t, he’s like a monster”.  The whole team had a good laugh and the nickname, “The Monster” was born.

You recently won the MLL’s Sportsman of the Year award for your charity work with “Monster’s Kids.” Can you tell us a little about the foundation and what you’re accomplishing with it?

Monster’s Kids is a foundation that was set up to raise awareness and funds for a children’s hospital on Long Island called Schneider’s Children’s Hospital. I started it during the 09’ MLL season but, unfortunately the idea didn’t come to me in the beginning of the season.

I decided to donate my final two paychecks from the Long Island Lizards to the hospital and the Long Island Lizards graciously decided to help this cause. On top of my donation, they donated $100 per goal scored in those two final games to the hospital.  In addition, New Balance named me Sportsman of the Year because of Monster’s Kids and donated a large sum of money towards the charity.  All of the funds that were donated from this past season were put towards Child Life services at the hospital. In the future, I am hoping to raise more money with clinics, a fundraiser this January, and my salary from next year’s season.

[Editor’s note: Click here for more information about Monster’s Kids.]

How did you hear about LAXFU?

The first time I heard of LAXFU was when they approached me to be their spokesman and I couldn’t have been more excited. When I went through their website I realized how much I liked all of their designs.

What’s your favorite LAXFU clothing item? Why?

LAXFU has cutting edge apparel. I recently received my first items from the company and my favorite is the zip-up hoodie. I also love the “lax mask” t-shirts and the design on the hat gets many compliments.  I think it is pretty cool how the company pays homage to the creators of the game.

What kind of stick are you using? What is the string job like? tape? shaft?

I use a Brine Clutch, Warrior Levitation and soft mesh. Tape job is three places. At the bottom, in the middle and at the top.

As an MLL veteran, what has your experience in the league been like? Positives/negatives/frustrations?

It’s hard to believe that I have been playing in the MLL for nine years and in those nine years I have had no complaints with the league.  My most positive experience is the opportunity to play with the worlds greatest lacrosse players. I have made many great friends and formed long lasting relationships.  You have your everyday life and it’s nice to step away from your job and family and play the sport you love.

What’s your favorite part about playing for the Long Island Lizards?

My favorite part of playing for the LI Lizards has been the many great individuals that I have met.  Every person involved with the organization is hard working and wants to see this team win the championship again.

Where do you see the league 5 years from now?

I would like see the league getting back to ten teams. This sport is consistently growing throughout the country and I hope that because of that growth, the MLL will grow as well. I also hope that I will still be playing.

Thanks to Tim for the great interview. We’re looking forward to following his work with LAXFU and Monster’s Kids. We’ll be sure to check out to a Lizards game in 2010!

For more from LAXFU, check out their online store and their news blog.

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Jeff Brunelle

Jeff Brunelle is the founder and CEO of Lacrosse All Stars. A west coast native and product of the MCLA, Jeff moved back East after college and truly fell in love with the game. He now spends every waking moment building and Red Label Sports from our headquarters in Boise, Idaho.


  • great player, great cause and some pretty tight gear. not too shabby!

    a lot of current MLL players complain about low salaries, limited ability to use different companies' equipment and a host of other issues so its nice to hear a veteran say they have had a great experience so far. The MLL is still very young but has made some big strides. Hopefully, as the game continues to gain in popularity, the MLL will flourish and eventually open up to more of a free market system. For now, the protectionism seems to work and its not unlike what the NFL does with uniforms suppliers.

  • Good stuff! Tim is what the MLL needs more of. Good guy, hard worker, and a class act. Go LAXFU! The MLL will succeed but the haters need to let up and give the league a chance. It won't happen overnight. Laxers need to support it no matter what.

  • Good stuff! Tim is what the MLL needs more of. Good guy, hard worker, and a class act. Go LAXFU! The MLL will succeed but the haters need to let up and give the league a chance. It won't happen overnight. Laxers need to support it no matter what.

    • not unless Rabil’s stick is only 34″ long!

      Look at the slo-mo again and the photo… tell me that shaft isn’t shorter! You can also see a part of the shaft still in his left hand.

  • the shaft has got to be a prototype of his new “rabil” line — look at some recent pictures, and it looks like that shaft, especially the logos going down the last 1/4th near the bottom… and yeah, he definately broke it, and it looks like to me he tried to hide it after…

    • He really went through the thought process: “oh dam my shaft broke – oh dam i’m on espn – oh dam this is my sponsor’s new prototype shaft – jeez it’d look horrible if everyone saw it break on espn – hmmm i better hide it behind my torso – ok the cameras over there so i should hide it just here” in the split second that they show after he “broke it”? Its bloody ESPN they could just do another take no? Thats if his shaft actually broke… which it didn’t… the but end just slid off… sorry to burst your bubble.

  • From a physics perspective, he probably rigged the shaft to break like it did. It physically can’t break due to pure applied force.

    I hate to be a party pooper but that shaft is rigged

    • Big? Im bigger than him, althought I haven’t played more than a year. Rabil is not big. He is well trained, even more so by lacrosse standards maby, but still he is not very muscular.

    • who knows which order they did the filming. He could’ve broken the black shaft first for all we know – he actually uses the black stick before apparently “breaking” his white stick. Maybe he likes the black stick better for accuracy… or he was just trying out different sticks to see which he could shoot better with. or maybe he just didn’t want to put the butt end back on so he grabbed another – one that didn’t fall off so easily. Maybe maybe maybe… theres a ton of possibilities, all more likely than his stick breaking.

    • yep.  just the butt.  if you’re gonna snap a stick, it’d happen b/w the top hand and the head, where the lever is longest…not b/w the hands, since the bottom hand is not the main of two fulcrum

  • watching the first video when they introduce Rabil he is holding his stick and at one point you can see the butt end and it most definitely not a 2″ butt end. It looks like a plastic cap you have to hammer on. 

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