FIL Team France Update


Editor’s note: Jumbo Jack just had another chat with France’s Billy Tauzin. Check out what he has to say about Manchester!

What’s been the biggest surprise so far?

Billy Tauzin: That the Japanese only have about 5 years of playing experience on average.  I heard they train hard an it shows in their play in the Blue division.

Who has the best uniforms?

France of course.   But second goes to Bermuda and I am not a Miami Dolphins fan.

How do you think your team has stacked up against the competition you’ve seen thus far?

The Mexican win (10-6) was great as well as a few friendlies.  The game against Latvia took out 2 of our starters and our starting goalie has battled the flu, but we are still doing well against other new teams.  The more established programs were tough for us.

What’s been the strangest experience?

Hearing the star spangled banner playing (USA-Japan was on the field behind us) during the France – Mexico game was surreal.

Have you noticed any changes in your team since you first began scrimmaging earlier in the week?

Their Lacrosse IQ is getting better, and they are making better decisions.

Have you had a chance to talk with any other coaches?   Any thoughts on Les Bleus from opponents?

Yes!  I constantly get compliments about our goalie Bryan Lejeune who is only an incoming senior at Boca Raton HS (FL).  I expect him to be playing NCAA ball somewhere.  The Latvian coach told me he wish he had Russell Atkinson who is also an incoming senior at Malver Prep (PA).  Russell is a blue chip recruit.  The best compliment came from a Scottish coach who saw us play in the Celtic Cup.  He saw improvement at the Celtic Cup and saw huge improvements since.  The guys worked hard this week and it shows.

France is famous for their cuisine, while many believe English food leaves something to be desired.  Is there a food difference, and if so, how has your team handled it?

The food is far from great.  Not only is it English food, but it is also cafeteria English food.  My solution is hot sauce and in the last week they switched the hot sauce bottles to Tabasco.  Made my week!

The guys will go out and get other food from time to time (there is a dominoes and McDonald’s nearby), but in the cafeteria they eat lots of salads, fruit, pasta, bread and yogurt especially when the food is really bad.

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