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bag-flier-2 lacrossewear voyager bag

We’ve got a top notch gear bag to give away from LacrosseWear down in Florida and we’re excited to be able to showcase their new product!  LacrosseWear has been in the Shorts, shooters and t-shirt game for a while now.  It all started in Bo Lamon’s apartment a number of years back, but if you go to his store in Coconut Creek, Florida and get a tour of the production area, you’d never know he started in such humble beginnings.  LW has started making Voyager team bags, and just like everything else, they do, the bags scream LAX!!!!  This is the kind of bag you can fit all your gear in and be prepared for anything.

The bags are 42″ long and offer the ability to be customized with different side panel colors available.  The side panels can also be screenprinted or embroidered.  The bags retail starting at $70, so this is already a great giveaway!

Lacrossewear Gear Bag

The bag and nothing but the bag.

They sent the bag to Connor Wilson to check it out first and now that he’s had his fill, we’re giving it away.  Of course, we’re not JUST giving away this excellent bag all on its own either… it will be stuffed with some other goodies as well (why else would you need a bag but for swag?) because we’re nice like that!

Curious about how big the bag is?  These photos should take care of that!

Lacrossewear Gear Bag

Now the bag is FULL of gear. Don't believe us?

Lacrossewear Gear Bag

Gear explosion! LacrosseWear bag held it all!

Lacrossewear Gear Bag

That's some sweet swag! The winner's extra swag will be a surprise!

Connor fit 2 helemts, 2 pairs of gloves, 4 short sticks, a pair of cleats, a pair of turfs, 3 pairs of arm pads, shoulder pads, rib pads, a cup, two jerseys, two pairs of shorts, socks, and STILL had room for more.  If it can hold all of Connor’s gear, it can hold all of yours!

The bag features a separate stick compartment on the bottom, a LARGE shoe/cleat compartment at one end, a clear oval for team logos on the other end on top of a smaller end pocket, a BIG center compartment, and two long skinny pockets on either side.  The sticks fit in no problem and Connor said he probably could have thrown in another set of equipment.  Three sets in one bag?  That’s space right there.

Like we said above, the additional swag we include will be a total surprise, and the better the winning entry is, the better the swag will be!  Pretty simple, right?

Now how do you win this bag (and bag swag)?  Simple.  In the comments, tell us what YOU want to see in a gear bag!  LacrosseWear would love to hear your suggestions on how to make a product better so the best suggestion gets the bag, and all the goodies hidden inside.

Be creative, come up with as many recommendations as you can and stay positive!  The comment must be made at the bottom of this post and you have until the end of Friday to comment on the post!  You can also like a comment through our commenting system so if you can get your friends to “like” your comment on this page, that will only help!

LacrosseWear came to us because they know our readers are the most engaged and intelligent on the internet.  Prove to them that they made the right choice and get down with yo’ bad selves!

Call LacrosseWear for custom bags at 954.429.1091!!!!  Now get to commenting and WINNING.

NOTE: We are NOT giving away all of Connor’s gear in the pictures.  That would be TOO ridiculous.

bag-flier-2 lacrossewear voyager bag


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  • So sweet. I really need some gear especially since my stick is terrible. Ive always loved the assault gloves but I can’t nearly afford them. Too expensive :( but if I won this I would be the envy of the team! Besides I need a lacrosse bag that is a lot smaller than the one I have right now, Its so big I could probably fit like 3 full sized lacrosse players in there hahaha. Thanks for the opportunity

  • WhatI would like to see in the gear bag? Some assault gloves, brand new lacrosse cleats to replace my 2 year old cleats, a new lacrosse stick so I can stop using the one I am using right now or at least so I can have a backup, some fresh looking and protective shoulder pads, possibly some sick navy blue assault arm guards to fit in with my team’s colors, a new helmet to replace the one I use right now( my brother’s old one… It’s like 12 years old -_-) some sweet tees so I can strut my new found SWAG, some lax shorts to that my African-American hair will grow out and become lushious flow, and some high socks so my opponents will fear me. Is it wrong to say that I am in love with this sport?

  • Completely waterproof and anti-microbial are two huge points that should be stressed. What good is a cell phone/i-pod pocket if water is going to get in, even if the bag is closed. A velcro strap inside one end of the bag could be attached around the cage of the helmet, which would keep gear from sliding around once you start carrying the bag, whether you carry it across your side or over both shoulders like a giant back pack. I would also suggest padding the two straps, for those of us who do carry it like a backpack. You could also have a velcro strap on the outside of the bag, at the end of the stick pouch…velcro wont rust and will last longer than plastic, and it would allow d poles to be secured to the bag while still keeping the heads covered and dry inside the stick pocket. Reinforced pockets inside the bag would allow screwdrivers to be kept in the bag without ripping through the interior pockets. Keep the interior dividers to a minimum, because everyones gear is different. A large exterior pocket, with venting, would be for clothing…pinnies, shorts, socks, etc., and would keep your clothing from smelling like the rest of your gear immediately. Cleat/shoe pocket with separate ventilation is also key. Have tried a bag with wheels, which may work great in an airport, but SUCK on a grass field…the wheels fill up with grass and dirt and stop turning…and the frame of the bag is not strong enough to keep the bag from folding as it is pulled.

    • You could put the velcro helmet tabs in both ends, that way if you carry two helmets, you can keep them separated so they dont scratch each other, and this would also help balance the weight

  • A sweet bag of gear would have multiple things. First, a cleat compartment that can be popped out for easy cleaning. Secondly, a freshly scented compartment (cleverly called the glove box) that holds your gloves. Third, a huge center compartment for all the not cleats/gloves. Fourth, a ball rack that counts how many balls are taken out so the other kids stop stealing your f****** balls. And fifth, bose sounddock speakers. How can you lax if you aren’t sufficiently hype on loud music?

  • Dividers.

    Make it possible to have dividers inside the bag so we can divide our gear up to balance out the weight. What usually happens with my bag is I throw all my gear in and it all shifts to one end of the bag.

    If you guys could include some velcro with two/three dividers where we can adjust them by sliding them around to separate our gear that would be cool. I’ll be able to keep my helmet in the far right, cleats in the far left, shoulder pads in the middle along with gloves and shoulder pads.

    Also, have a small outside pocket made just for cell phones (small pocket). Have it padded with soft material in the inside. By having a pocket just for cell phones it will prevent getting it scratched up from being inside pockets with our keys, wallets, miscellaneous things since it may get tossed around inside.

  • A gear bag should be as light as possible to start with but strong enough to hold the gear. It should have a main compartment that will hold all your lax gear. It should have a water bottle compartment to the side and it should be water proof. I had a water bottle open up in my bag once and it wasnt fun. It should have three straps so that you have the choice to carry it like a back pack or a side duffle bag. The bag should have some sort of material that keeps the backpack from smelling like sweat and last but not least it should have a big lacrosseWear logo so every one knows what the new swag is from.

  • i played lax for a while and there are a few things that i look for in a bag. a padded shoulder strap, a separate compartment for wet/dirty clothes (that way dirty stays away from clean). A small inner zipper compartment for valuables i.e. wallet, ipod, phone, etc. A lost and found tag, because i have lost my bag in past. a storage compartment for balls. IT HAS TO BE COMPLETELY WASHABLE, at the end of the season my bag smells like man. Last but not least can there be an item on the zipper, that as soon as you see it everyone knows that its a voyager bag i.e. a mini pocket pounder, distress whistle, cleat screw, lw logo

  • I am a starting lacrosse player, and I am really starting to like the sport. I want to play for my high school team, but I need some gear. My parents are apprehensive, but if I got this I’m sure they would let me try out at least. What I want in the bag is enough gear to last me for this upcoming lacrosse season. Helmet, pads, a stick (Defensive). And the lax bag just makes it all the better to carry it around. 

  • BAG SWAGG BAG SWAGG BAG SWAGG!!! I will rock this bag and drop this bag and flop this bag with this flow. If I had it I would stand tall while throwin that ball, rippin that duck all day long and singin this silly song, to show that I have flow with this bag I must go. Starting out with that, I run this town with all the bag swagg with my hat and you know its a snapback. And that is how I will end this rap.

  • I would like to see a pair of maverick rome gloves, a pair of nike Vapor Elite gloves, a white pro 7 bucket, a pair of brine king elbow pads, a STX proton power on a warrior bling or a evo pro 2.0 on a bling, and a reebok reezigs in any colour.  Thanks for the opportunity, hoping for the win
    cheers, Luke  

  • you should make a little thing in the bag  that absorbs the smell in the bag and lets go fragrances so my bag wont smell so bad and also on the strap thing have more padding i hate when my bags strap is annoying another big thing to is waterproof hope i win

  • Just because i’m a goalie and i love being a goalie i think i should say there should be a neck guard, reinforced thumb goalie gloves, thigh pads, and possibly a goalie chest protector and maybe if there was like a glove insert that makes it so that they don’t stick and get nasty and make your hands smell nasty. maybe on the side of the bag you could put a strap for a goalie stick and on the bag you could out two backpack like straps with pads so u could carry it on your back should also have reinforced stitching because after awhile of being stuffed tossed and carried the seams might start to bust. and i also like the idea of having a tag that has your name on it so you can identify whose bag it is and if lost it can be returned to the correct owner. There should also be a set of shooting string and maybe some extra mesh and sidewall string because i’m a 15 yr old high school player and of all people i know that fads change one day green might be a cool color the next blue so it might be a good idea if there are extra strings i believe that’s all the ideas i have thanks for reading my ideas

  • I think it would be really cool if instead of a big pocket in the middle there were divided sections for arm guards, gloves, helmet, and chest pads(Kind of like those food plates with different sections).  A different pocket for muddy cleats.  I would also like to see padded sides on the bag because my bag has a stick pocket on the side but when i carry it around the shaft irritates my side.  A pocket for balls would be nice because I’m always searching my bag for mine.  Also a pocket for tape, sidewall, shooters, mesh and other things like that. Another pocket with a tough lining to protect valuables.  I’ve also always liked double zippers on the main pocket just in case one of them gets jammed.  Some kind of scent things to make it smell good.  Another pocket for cloths.  Shoulder straps are always good.It would also be nice if there was some sort of thermal waterproof pocket that you could put ice and a drink into so you would always have a cold drink.  My last idea would be speakers in the side to plug your music player into with a pocket on the inside to hold your music player.  That is it thank you.

  • With a any LAX bag, you take it everywhere in every weather with everything (and a little extra) in it you need for that game/practice/wall ball/whatever. For the past season I have been looking for a bag, not just any bag, but one that can suffice my equipment overload since I am a girl’s lacrosse goalie. So I will start off with the smaller details.
     The Straps:  A good bag has multiple straps, but a great bag has many straps that adjust to the player, like attachable straps to wear it like a backpack, or sling over your shoulder, or just to hold with you hands. Weight: simply light as possible because we already have enough weight to put in it. Resistance: RAIN always gets into bags somehow. It needs to resist the weather because we all like our equipment and phones to stay dry whatever pocket they are in.Pockets: A helmet specific pocket would be nice, or even a collapsible pocket for when you travel heavy to put more stuff in. (I wouldn’t mind a helmet itself in a bag seeing as my is a hand-me-down). Separate pockets for clothing and shoes. and the after game things like towels, sandals, deodorant etc.Zippers: In my bulging bags, my zipper has broken many times, so a strong reinforced zipper would be nice(that also prevents rain coming in)Cooler: If I accidentally leave my water bottle in my bag, not only does it get warm fast, it sweats; so a nice little separate pocket would be handy for that purpose.Customize: For all teams, putting their name on something is great, but being able to show it off and take pride in it is amazing. Whether it be the name of the team, their colors or their mascot and their number, customizing is a must! (limited on the restrictions please!)Air Vents: This could conflict with the weather proof idea, but something to keep out the lacrosse player stank! No matter what I do sometimes, I can always smell the last game in my bag. Protection: Bags need to have a little padding too, because those loose balls that get lost will hit your bag and could damage something on the inside.Sticks Pocket: I have multiple sticks for backup and it is a struggle to carry them all around. So maybe an adjustable multiple pockets for your sticks that will hold them tight. Also the straps need to be padded for everyone’s comfortGender Specific: Girls need bags too, so maybe a smaller version of this bag would be nice to have available.Position shifting: For any player customization, becoming specifically for a goalie with their huge head and extra stick or a defender with their long shaft and their equipment.Shutouts: what all goalies need, but in a bag!Greatness: going with the Olympic spirit, I would love to open a bag and find greatness.All in all, A bag that can be there for it owners in every season, whether it is on it owner’s back or waiting for the next season is what I want to see in a bag.

  • What i want to see in my gear bag is a set of brine king gloves and elbow pads. Warrior shoulder pads, a proton power head and an brine f22 air, under armour cleats, cup, mouth guard, Nike cleats, Cascade helmet.

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